Just an interesting bit of news and a request

Interesting…  I caught this from VIS:

 S.E. Mons. Pierre-André Dumas
S.E. Mons. Pierre-André Dumas è nato a Saint-Jean-du-Sud, nella diocesi di Les Cayes, il 26 settembre 1962. Dopo gli studi primari compiuti presso i Fratelli dell’Istruzione Cristiana a Les Cayes, e quelli secondari al Liceo "Pétion" di Port-au-Prince, è vissuto un anno a Taizé (Francia).
Entrato nel 1985 come alunno nel Pontificio Seminario Romano Maggiore a Roma, ha studiato filosofia alla Pontificia Università Lateranense, conseguendovi il Baccelierato, e teologia presso la Pontificia Università Gregoriana, ottenendovi il Baccelierato. Successivamente ha ottenuto la Licenza in Teologia Biblica. Durante i suoi studi, dal 1990 al 1994, ha svolto il ministero di Educatore presso il Pontificio Seminario Romano Maggiore.
E’ stato ordinato sacerdote nella Basilica di San Pietro il 26 maggio 1991, per l’arcidiocesi di Port-au-Prince. Rientrato in Haiti ha successivamente ricoperto i seguenti incarichi: corresponsabile del Seminario Propedeutico di Jacquet nell’arcidiocesi di Port-au-Prince, e Vicario parrocchiale della Parrocchia Saint-Pierre a Pétion-Ville (1995-1997); Vice-Rettore del Seminario Maggiore Interdiocesano "Notre-Dame", a Port-au-Prince (1997), e poi Rettore del medesimo Seminario (1998-2002).
Nominato Vescovo titolare di Floriana ed Ausiliare di Port-au-Prince il 10 dicembre 2002, ha ricevuto l’Ordinazione Episcopale il 22 febbraio successivo. Attualmente, designato dalla Conferenza Episcopale, è Rettore dell’Università Notre-Dame a Port-au-Prince.


"But Father! But Father!" you are no doubt saying, puzzled as to why I posted this notice that Aux. Bp.  Pierre-André Dumas has been made the first bishop of the newly created Diocese of Anse-à-Veau et Miragoâne (Haiti), "so what?  It’s all in Italian and… well… what’s the deal"?

Other than the fact that a new diocese was created, which is itself interesting, I was ordained with this fellow by John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica on 26 May 1991.  There were about 60 of us. 

Another one of the ordinands was Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, for whom I ask your prayers: he is ailing.

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  1. TJB says:

    Yes, watching Fr. Corapi on TV is quite deceiving. These days he is much more pale and sickly than he appears on TV, and while speaking he often goes into long fits of coughing. He certainly needs prayers.

  2. Alessandro says:

    We could propose to pope Benedict the creation of a internet-based diocese, with fr. Z. as first “flying bishop” (to stay in tune with anglican brothers). :=)

  3. Jeff Pinyan says:

    You were ordained with Fr. Corapi? What a bumper crop!

    I will pray for his health and his soul.

  4. elizabeth mckernan says:

    Good idea Alessandro! With all Fr Z’s travels he is like a ‘flying bishop.’ French speakers already have a ‘Cyber Cure’ where surfers can ask questions and there is an internet diocese of Partenia too founded by Bishop Gaillot former Bishop of Evreux.

  5. Jeff: Fr. Corapi was ordained with me!


  6. Anamaria says:

    Is Fr. Corapi\’s illness something new? It seems that there was a false e-mail going around claiming he was sick. Do you know something more, Fr. Z?

  7. Kradcliffe says:

    Yes… please tell us what you can about Father Corapi. I knew you were both ordained by JPII, but didn’t know it was at the same time.

  8. LCB says:

    According to what Fr. Corapi has stated on his own website (especially in his weekly mssages), he has been sick for several months now. He has recently published a short article, and asked everyone to pass it on. Not wanting to step on Fr. Z’s blog-toes, I won’t link to it (not my blog to hijack), but it can be found on Fr. Corapi’s website.

    St. Blog’s should simply be established as a functional parish with universal boundries, and Fr. Z can be the pastor. Or he can be the “sacramental associate” and we can get the interdicted sister from St. Louis to serve as “Pastoral Administrator”

  9. Jenny Z says:

    Fr. Corapi is in our prayers, for sure… give him our love if you happen to speak to him :)

  10. TJB says:

    Fr Corapi’s illness isn’t something new, but he has just recently began spreading word about it and asking for prayers. Those who know him know that he has down-played his illness for many years. He carries his cross silently and without complaint, and most people never knew about it. I think the fact that he is now speaking about it more is a sign that it must be getting much worse.

  11. Geoffrey says:

    Once while watching Fr. Corapi on EWTN, he said he had been ordained by Pope John Paul II. A light went on in my head and I said “I wonder…” So I looked up both bios of Fr. C and Fr. Z and “lo and behold”! I am curious what other great things other ordinands from that day are doing out there in the world!

  12. Fr Smith says:

    As one of the few stateside alumni of the Roman Seminary, I have had the occasion to meet Mgr Dumas several times: a truly humble soul who will do great work for the new diocese. Vivat!

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