Loomes Bookseller: sold!

I picked this up from Orbis, which you should look at often.

Congratulations are due! An old college buddy of mine, Andrew Poole, just purchased Loome Thelogical Booksellers, located in the state of Minnesota, USA.

Link to Loome Books here: http://www.loomebooks.com/ .

For many of us, this is our most favorite book shop in the world, located in an old Swedish Covenant Church, along the St. Croix River.

If you’re looking for any old book, then these are the guys to contact. And if you really want an experience, then visit their shop along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

Congrats and best wishes, guys!

This bookstore has, for years, been fantastic.  I hope the transition goes well!

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  1. Great place. They have helped me a lot over the years. I pray the service and selection continues to be stellar. Many congrats.

  2. Thanks for posting this notice Father. I had never heard of this shop, but now I will be sure to check them out!

  3. Ronald McCloskey says:

    Many of us have stories about Loome. Here is mine: years ago I was given a set, in unusual binding, of the old Catholic Encyclopedia, but there was one volume missing. I took a picture of the set and sent it to Loome, asking them to keep a look out. Two years later, they wrote to tell me they had found a match. The internet is killing off the old booksellers. May this one be an exception.

  4. I’ve got a great Loome story – I was ordering once last year over the phone and spoke to a young woman who, when I told her my town and state, asked if I knew the bike shop in town – run by her cousin. I had just bought a bike from him that week!

  5. Father Totton says:

    I was recently visiting family in the Twin Cities and I made a pilgrimm- er – daytrip out to Stillwater to see Loome. I must say I was impressed with the sheer volume of old Catholic books (stacks and stacks of Missals of all sorts – especially Requiem Missals) As neat as it was to visit Loome on location, I still much prefer to transact business with them over the internet, where I can search (I think they have catalogued their entire inventory online) and find a lot easier than browsing the shelves of the actual store.

  6. LCB says:

    The death of the local bookseller is the surest sign of the impending collapse of a civilization. May they have many more years.

  7. I can’t believe this subject has come up…old books anyway. I have a book that is very old and I was wondering if someone could tell me what it is. There are two more like this in my brother’s possession. I would appreciate any information that someone could give me. I was told once that they were from the Office of the Inquisition but have no clue if that is true since I can’t read the language here. If you go here you will see the photos I just took of the book. Sorry they are amongst other photos but they are pretty distinct.

  8. Ken says:

    couldn’t be sold to a better person, I know him personally and his love for all things Catholic (and his personal love for the work the store does). I personally go out of my way to purchase things at the store (being only 45 minutes away) which could be gotten cheaper either on the internet or at another store.

    I shall congratulate him this week!

  9. Matt Q says:

    Father Z, it’s good such a little treasure as Loome has passed into such good hands.

  10. I think much of my retirement fund has gone to this wonderful bookseller.

    God grant many years to the good Dr. Loome and his family for this wonderful apostolate to Church Geeks like me!

    Fr. Deacon Daniel

  11. Sam Schmitt says:

    I dont’ think it’s very well-known, but Thomas Loome is also part of the Catholic Worker movement and runs a house for homeless mothers and their children (Solanus Casey House) in Stillwater.

    He spoke about his work at the latest National Catholic Prayer breakfast on April 18. Very impressive.

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