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Are there any experts out there who know if is possible to save a Powerpoint presentation as an video file?  For example a mpeg or flv?

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  1. Gerald says:

    Hello! I don’t know any direct way but there are software converters available.


  2. Joannes says:

    I haven’t tried it myself but MS has a tool that purports to do this: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/technologies/producer.mspx

  3. Gil says:

    I have done this in Keynote. I took a powerpoint, loaded it into Keynote (fixed the fonts that were broken) and then exported as quicktime.

    If you would like me to have a go, send my the powerpoint and I’ll send back the movie.

  4. jane in memphis says:

    In my powerpoint, for Mac, you go to file–>make a movie. Then you can convert the .mov file to a quictime movie or whatever, if you wish.

  5. Anthony says:

    You may insert movie files (avi, mpeg) into any given slide and
    play them as part of a powerpoint presentation.
    If you would like the presetation to play itself you can use the
    slideshow tab — this will give you options for timing slides,
    animation, rewind, etc.

  6. patrick f says:

    I believe the MS tool is adequate. Also you can do it in the latest version of powerpoint

  7. vox borealis says:

    You can open powerpoint in mac’s keynote, then export the file as a quicktime mov or flash file. Or, you can just cut out the middle man and avoid powerpoint altogether…just start with keynote!

  8. Tim from St. Agnes says:

    Articulate is a software package i use at work to record audio over a powerpoint, you do it slide by slide. you then publish the powerpoint as a flash file suitable for download or streaming…www.articulte.com, articulate presenter is what you want

  9. cathguy says:

    Gil and Jane hit the nail on the head. On a Mac all you do is open the slide show in Keynote. Then fix font issues etc. that may arise if the powerpoint was created on a PC. Then, go to the file drag down menu and click “export.” At that point you save it as Quicktime, PDF, or even iDVD. If you have a DVD burner on the Mac you can make yourself a DVD presentation instantaneously.

    I assume the PC would be just as easy :)

  10. Christopher says:

    Fr Tim Finigan had a post that was somewhat related to this he promoted Scribd –

    Fr.Finigan’s post is found here:

  11. Ed Snyder says:

    Fr. Zulsdorf,

    This site has a good explanation of the proper steps:


  12. Mickey says:

    The easiest way is to add import the ppt into Windows Movie Maker (it comes with most versions of XP and Vista), then publish as a video file.

    Alternatively, you can publish the briefing slides as a “.pps” instead, then it plays as a show.

  13. josephus muris saliensis says:

    Please note here the prevalence of Mac people replying. Everyone know that REAL Catholic traddies have Macs not PC’s. The proportion of Catholic traddies with Macs is way higher that the average in the wider population. Apple to PC; Extraordinary Form to Ordinary Form; Classicism to Modernism. It’s all of a piece.

  14. Ttony says:

    Father! Father! A wolf has got among the flock dressed as a lamb! Be a good shephered! Please!

  15. Brian Day says:

    josephus muris saliensis,

    lol. Using your analogy, when was the V2 moment when the PC took off over the Mac?

  16. Luke says:

    Father, surely you use a mac with keynote instead. You’re life would be easier.

  17. cathguy says:


    Lets look the Mac vs PC and compare them to EF vs. OF.

    PC Adherent: Everyone uses the PC, so we should too. Everything is more compatible
    OF Adherent: Everyone worships in the OF, so we should too. It is better for unity
    Mac Adherent: Everyone uses the PC, but it is inelegant and doesn’t get the job done as well
    EF Adherent: Everyone worships in the OF, but we refuse. It is inelegant yes, but more importantly, it doesn’t communicate the Truths of our faith as well.


    Yeah… I bet more traditionalists use Macs…

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