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Yes, folks, I’ll be here all week.

… quoth His Holiness on the way to Australia.

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  1. Stu says:

    Johnny, tell us who our next contestant is.

  2. Celibatarian says:

    For example, when the Pope announces the weather in Rome, he is not exercising infallibly.

  3. JML says:

    When receiving communion, please make sure your knees are down and your backs are in the upright and locked position. [LOL!]

  4. Aelric says:

    “When the captain – that’s me, heh, – has turned off the seat belt sign, you are free to move about the cabin.”

  5. Fr Dan B says:

    “Your complimentary copy of NCR is located right behind your air sickness bag.” [ROFL!]

  6. Jeff Pinyan says:

    “Let me introduce our flight crew today. We have Pontius, the pilot…”

    I don’t know which is better, Celibatarian’s or JML’s.

  7. Tim Ferguson says:

    I think he stole that microphone from Gene Rayburn

  8. Jeremy says:

    “A rabbi, the Dalai Lama and the Pope are in a lifeboat…”

  9. You can take the round trip to Rome, or you can choose what’s behind door number 3!

  10. ROTFLOL @ JML’s. That is for the win!

  11. Hahahahaha@ Fr. Dan B. Good one!

  12. Bob says:

    “…and after the consecration of the Host, you keep your thumb and forefinger joined like this…”

  13. Deusdonat says:

    “Unt so I says to Bugnini…’I’ve got more orthodoxy in my little finger…'”

  14. “And don’t forget to be generous with those bartenders and waiters who are working so hard for you! Enjoy the show!”

  15. m.a. says:

    Dus anyvone know how zo get ze zuperglue off mein fingers?

  16. Louis E. says:

    No,we seriously HAVEN’T considered going along with the Church of England on female bishops.Next question.

  17. Jim says:

    What is on my computer screen? Oh, nothing. Sometimes I just help this friend of mine write his blog.

  18. Geoffrey says:

    “Strangers in the night, exchanging glances…”

  19. Al says:

    “Ven ze moon hits-a you eyes like a bigga pizza pie, that’s amore!!!!”

    During Karaoke hour on “Vatican I” Papa Benedetto wows them with his imitation of Dean Martin. He follows up with some Perry Como & Frank Sinatra.

  20. Bob says:

    “I did it my way”

    “I’m king of the hill, top of the heap, a number one”

  21. Bob says:

    “Lets get ready to rumble”

  22. Smithy says:

    “In the blue corner, hailing from parts unknown, the current CDW World Champion ‘The Bugnini Reforms’; and in the red corner, hailing from the mists of time, the challenger, ‘The Hermeneutic of Continuity'”

  23. Robbie says:

    Some answers to journalists:

    The only time I enjoy turning to the left is boarding a plane!

    I love flying to Australia – its hours and hours of nothing but versus orientem!

  24. Father Bartoloma says:

    Well on and on and on and on
    I can’t stop y’all ’til the early morn’
    So rock y’all tick tock y’all to the beat y’all
    C’mon and rock y’all
    I give thanks for inspiration
    It guides my mind along the way
    A lot of people get jealous, they’re talking about me
    But that’s just ’cause they haven’t got a thing to say
    Everybody’s rappin’ like it’s a commercial
    Acting like life is a big commercial
    So this is what I’ve got to say to you all
    Be true to yourself and you will never fall
    And now I’d like to pass the mic to the A
    So what’s your name, Yauch? My name is M.C.A.

  25. J.J. Tay says:

    Do I see relics on the Pectoral Cross of His Holiness? It seems like this is the back of the cross that is facing out.

  26. OK, listen up. Your choices for dinner are got chicken, veal, or lasagna. Now who wants what?

  27. pverdun says:

    Anglicans! They have no Orders.

  28. Steve Skojec says:

    “…COME ON DOWN!!! You’re the next contestant on THE CHURCH IS RIGHT!!!”

  29. Stu says:

    Coming to EWTN this fall…

    It’s a new twist on game show you love and remember as Pope Benedict XVI hosts…Truth or Consequences.

  30. Jeremy says:

    In case of emergency, invoke the intercession of you guardian angel.

  31. Maureen says:

    “I’ll take a qvestion from ze young reporter in ze back. Yes?…

    “…Ah. Zat’s an easy dubium. If you look over mein shoulder, you vill see that ve are not zere yet. Next qvestion?”

  32. Widukind says:

    “I dreaming of a … bo-bo-bo-bo….”

  33. …so the Patriarch and I walk into a bar…

  34. Matt M says:

    Where are we? This pilot is lost like a Jesuit during Holy Week.

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