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  • CDW’s Archbp. Ranjith on Pope Benedict’s plan with the liturgy
  • RORATE: on Summorum Pontificum, SSPX, unity – enlightening
  • QUAERITUR: Before the Council we had the TLM, so why did things go wrong?
  • Card. Kasper at Lambeth calls for a New Oxford Movement
  • More wymynpriest pretend ordination B.S.
  • What WDTPRS is aiming at
  • PCED response about TLMs for children
  • PODCAzT 67: St. Augustine on Martha, active v. contemplative lives; don Camillo (part II)
  • NYT – John L Allen’s op-ed on Humanae vitae
  • The NCR dissents from Humanae vitae, the Church’s moral teaching
  • ANGELUS: Interviews SSPX excomm’d bishops (part III: R. Williamson)
  • PODCAzT 66: don Camillo (part I): VM – advice on getting TLMs & “pro multis”
  • ANGELUS: Interviews SSPX excomm’d bishops (part II: Tissier de Mallerais)
  • Card. Diaz to Lambeth: “spiritual Alzheimer’s … ecclesial Parkinson’s”
  • Clapping in church
  • SSPX & Womenpriests: similar? dissimilar?
  • ANGELUS: Interviews with SSPX excomm’d bishops (part I: Fellay)
  • QUAERITUR: small shoulder capes on altar boys
  • Boston Globe: another article on the invalid ordination of women
  • SCHOLION: Benedict XVI’s closing sermon for WYD
  • PODCAzT 65: St. Ambrose “On mysteries”; Interview: Fr. Robert Pasley
  • SCHOLION: Pope Benedict’s sermon in St. Mary’s Cathedral – Sydney
  • SCHOLION: Benedict XVI’s address at the Vigil during WYD
  • SCHOLION: Benedict’s address to non-Catholic Christian leaders
  • SCHOLION: What’s going on in Pope Benedict’s WYD arrival address?
  • What is Pope Benedict thinking about Anglicans?
  • Ineffable irony and the USCCB
  • QUAERITUR: Visiting priest and baptism with the OLD Rite
  • QUAERITUR: A Latin among Easterners: what gives?
  • QUAERITUR: When does the “clerical state” begin?
  • PODCAzT 64: Bonaventure on Christ “the door”; Interview – Fr. Timothy Finigan
  • A blogger’s experience of the Novus Ordo in Latin
  • Pope Benedict comments on the Anglican implosion
  • PODCAzT 63: Fr. Z interviews Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP; consecrated hands, Holy Communion and the Rite of Baptism
  • A word to biters of the consecrated hand
  • USCCB: “Dick and Jane” translation theory again triumphs for a day – Eerie
  • Stalled again: USCCB fails to pass draft translation of Proper of Seasons
  • ZENIT and Fr. Z: “Summorum Pontificum” One Year Later (Part 1 & Part 2)
  • GUEST CONTRIBUTION: Q&A with the Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei about SSPX, schism and sacraments
  • Benedict XVI’s sermon for Sts. Peter and Paul: be “liturgists of Jesus Christ”
  • QUAERITUR: congregational responses at TLM
  • QUAERITUR: Maniple required for TLM? “Reformed” vestments?
  • Communion on the tongue, kneeling – Benedict XVI’s good example
  • Thoughts on the SSPX opportunity
  • PODCAzT 62: Interviews with and by Fr. Z; What has Bp. Fellay really said?
  • Kerfuffle! Wisconsin parish nixes altar girls – predictable outrage ensues before sanity prevails
  • An argument for lengthening Communion fast to 3 hours again
  • Msgr. Guido Marini: Communion kneeling and on the tongue will be the standard for papal Masses
  • Tornielli: the 5 points were for Bp. Fellay IMPORTANT
  • SSPX prospects and my ruminations
  • QUAERITUR: Do SSPXers think new rites of ordination are valid?
  • QUAERITUR: abbrev. in MartRom.
  • ICEL’s Msgr. Harbert responds to Bp. Galeone’s points on the new translation
  • The Holy See’s 5 conditions for the SSPX – my comments and a prayer IMPORTANT
  • St. John the Baptist: notes and oldie PODCAzT
  • NCR: the ban on lay preaching Archd. St. Paul & Minneapolis
  • Oceanside, CA: a priest who gets it
  • “I think it’s boring” – Phoenix, AZ newspaper on the TLM
  • Bp. Rivest of Chicoutimi: I’m in charge here, not Benedict XVI – no TLM!
  • Bartholomew I to Eastern Catholics: return to Orthodoxy without breaking with Rome
  • ALERT: blog problems today – expansion over the weekend
  • QUAERITUR: Distinction of Masses, TLM and NO
  • PREVIEW: a GREAT new publication from Angelus Press!
  • QUAERITUR: Can priests refuse to say the TLM or the Novus Ordo?
  • Bp. Seratelli responds to critics of the new liturgical translations – this guy gets it!
  • Concelebration
  • How should people receive Communion? Pope Benedict sets example… again
  • UK: Card. Castrillon Hoyos – TLM in “Not many parishes – all parishes”!
  • Bp. Trautman doesn’t think you are smart enough to understand the proposed new translation of Mass
  • QUAERITUR: writing to the CDWDS and remaining anonymous
  • QUAERITUR: Acolyte as subdeacon for NO 1st Mass
  • QUAERITUR: More than one Sunday TLM in a parish?
  • Pure joy: Enjoying the fruits of Benedict’s Marshall Plan!
  • WDTPRS: 3rd Sunday after Pentecost (1962 Missale Romanum)
  • QUAERITUR: During confession what was the priest saying?
  • QUAERITUR: Female altar servers
  • QUAERITUR: What is really needed to be able to celebrate the TLM?
  • QUAERITUR: How has the Holy Father promoted the TLM?
  • Pope Benedict is changing the conversation
  • QUAERITUR: Clerical funerals
  • Corpus Christi Mass: Benedict XVI gives Communion only on the tongue to people kneeling
  • The Pope to put limits on concelebrations
  • QUAERITUR: Holy Communion at an SSPX chapel
  • QUAERITUR: Fatima prayer in Latin
  • QUAERITUR: priest drops Host, does nothing, what do I do?
  • Card. Castrillon Hoyos about the TLM on the new DVD
  • Pilgrimage to Rome with Patrick Madrid and Fr. Z – Information
  • QUAERITUR: Sequences…. Should we stand or should we sit? [PARODY SONG ALERT]
  • QUAERITUR: keeping maniples on your arm – fun!
  • [!] Italian magazine Jesus interviews Card. Castrillon Hoyos of the P.C. “Ecclesia Dei” IMPORTANT
  • What Pope Benedict is up to in Rome with the new “personal parish” alla Summorum Pontificum
  • Official: FSSP parish in Rome at Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini
  • Need another reason for Summorum Pontificum? Be careful, this is UGLY
  • D. of Gaylord: TLM update – an amazing attitude of restriction continues
  • Time: Benedict may have killed off American Catholic liberalism
  • PCED’s Card. Castrillon Hoyos: celebrate TLM in parishes even when it isn’t requested – IMPORTANT
  • PODCAzT 55: Tertullian, again; Fr. Rutler and Fr. Z on Archbp. Marini’s book
  • What is Black Liberation Theology? Some basics.
  • PODCAzT 54: Pro-Abortion Politicians and Communion; St. Ambrose and Emperor Theodosius
  • PCED clarifies: Summorum Pontificum 6 allows vernacular readings instead of Latin
  • PODCAzT 51: Communion in the hand
  • A friendly "how to e-mail Fr. Z" reminder!
  • QUAERITUR: going to SSPX chapel when you could go to legitimate chapel
  • A testimony about kneeling for Holy Communion and Communion rails
  • Summorum Pontificum now in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis – text variations
  • A PCED clarification: stabiliter not continenter in the MP and TLM in universities IMPORTANT
  • Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession – reprise
  • TLM Training at Merton College, Oxford 28 July- 1 August
  • PODCAzT 52: CDF on valid Baptisms, Michael Davies on valid post-conciliar Orders
  • PODCAzT 49: Leo the Great on Epiphany; Lefebvre compared to Athanasius; feedback
  • A new WDTPRS store
  • The return of triumphalism
  • PODCAzT 48: Athanasius on Mary and Christ; Gamber, Schuler and turned around altars
  • NatReview: "if good music does not always save the soul, bad music never does.”
  • Manlio Sodi: just a reminder
  • Writing to the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”: some tips – USEFUL!From another entry: during the Roman Canon “I felt intense loneliness” – INTERESTING
  • Help me work through this: Since the TLM is now back, why bother with the Novus Ordo in Latin?  HUGE ENTRY!
  • L’OssRom: Archbp. Ranjith interview on liturgy – UPDATES
  • PRAYERCAzT 09: The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar – 1962 Missale Romanum
  • The Tablet on Archbp. Ranjith’s comments about bishops who resist Summorum Pontificum
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