WDTPRSers in Cleveland

I will be in Cleveland, OH in August. 

If there are any readers in that area, perhaps someone can organize a blognic?

My best available date would probably be mid-morning of Saturday, 9 August. 

Somewhere on the north side, perhaps.

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  1. Mitch says:

    Are you scheduled a stop-over in New York????????

  2. Steve McElroy says:

    In the lake?!?

  3. Steve,

    lol! I was thinking the same thing. Father, Cleveland is east and west sides, or southern suburbs.

  4. Mary Rose says:

    Hey, now…that’s pretty close to where I am!

    I have a suggestion. You may want to find a local Panera’s with a meeting room. I use Panera’s for my digital scrap gatherings because 1) free meeting room (usually, some do ask for a minimum purchase of food) 2) LOTS of coffee… 3) Free Wi-Fi.

    This light/casual restaurant chain is located in many areas, so I suspect there would be one near you.

    If interested, let me know where you’ll be. I’ll do some research and choose the closest one. I’ll even call ahead to see if their meeting room is available. However, we’d need to call fast. Those meeting rooms fill up quickly, especially on Saturday mornings.

  5. Father: Great! But, how about a blognic in the Twin Cities for crying out loud! :-) Course, you’d probably have to rent the Xcel Center but I’m just sayin’…..

  6. I’ll take a drive up from Columbus
    And Panera sounds great

  7. isabella says:

    Will you be celebrating Mass on Sunday? I’d have to fly to get there.


  8. Try the food at Sokolowski’s

    and make sure to check out the Free Stamp if you have time.

  9. Ron says:

    I’m in Pittsburgh but have a friend in Cleveland. I wouldn’t mind taking a drive up! Keep me updated!

    They have the Vatican museum on display there too that I’ve been wanting to see.

    Pax Christi tecum.

  10. Fr. Z:

    Piqua is not terribly close to Cleveland, so I doubt I can make it there; but if you cared to make a trip here, you let me know and you will be most welcome.

  11. David says:

    Blast. I’ll be returning to Cleveland on Monday, Aug 11. I’ve been a regular reader for some time and would love to have met you, Father.

  12. I’ll be a Cleveland for few days, but a couple of them will be busy.

  13. Willebrord says:

    Are you going to be in Cleveland on a Wednesday or Sunday? If so, could you consider attending St. Stephen’s, for a Traditional Latin Mass? Wednesday 6:30 P.M. (Low Mass, followed by Benediction), and Sunday 9:30 A.M. (High Mass).
    It’s a very beautiful German church, very well suited for the TLM. Sadly, it may close soon, but if word gets out of the TLM there, it may help the parish alot (currently, the outdated website and bulletin and website don’t even mention the TLM).

  14. Willebord: I will be in town on the Sunday. Depending on what my host wants from me at his parish, I could sing the 9:30 TLM, perhaps not simply attend: depending also on what the local pastor would desire.

  15. Fr. Brown says:

    Fr. Z –
    Are you speaking at a parish? I am in Cleveland and have not heard anything. And please keep me apprised of any plans for Aug. 9 – I may be available in the morning.

  16. Frank says:

    We’ve established that the north side is Lake Erie. I would suggest Strongsville, near I-71 and Rt-82. Many restaurants in that area, including a Panera. It would be good for the Columbus person and the PA person since it is right near where the Ohio Turnpike intersects with I-71. There is a very good Mexican restaurant on Rt. 82 right near Pearl Road (Rt. 42). Stongsville is centrally located in the Greater Cleveland area. Also, if you are flying, Strongsville is just a bit south of the airport. NOTE: There is a new Bomber Squadron restaurant right across Brookpark Road (Rt. 17) from Cleveland Hopkins Airport. It is very good.

  17. I’ll be there and bring the red/black TLM car. Can’t wait!!!!

  18. Joe from Pittsburgh says:

    We’re in Pittsburgh, too. I should be in Northeast Ohio that weekend as well. Strongsville is southwest of Cleveland, not really “centrally” located. about 30-35 minutes from where I will be. How about Northfield or Solon instead? They have Paneras – I just checked.

    (Of course, both are closer to where I’ll be staying).

  19. Everyone: I will NOT be traveling outside the Cleveland area for this.

    I will be fairly close to downtown Cleveland, in South Euclid, east, I believe, from downtown.

  20. Frank says:

    You’ll be close to Legacy Village with many good places. I’m sure Fr. Ireland will have some suggestions to make.

  21. David says:

    Father, if something could happen on Tuesday (or possibly late Monday), I would be very grateful to be able to join you. But of course it is to be expected that you are busy.

    Regardless of the day, there are be plenty of appropriate places to eat around the east side. Here are a few recommendations:

    I’ve heard that Sokolowski’s is excellent, though its location in Tremont is not especially close or convenient to South Euclid.

    Sterle’s Slovenian Country House (www.sterlescountryhouse.com) is another excellent old-time restaurant that is somewhat closer to South Euclid.

    Corky and Lenny’s (www.corkyandlennys.com) is a good deli-style place on the East side.

    Perhaps my single best recommendation for a restaurant is Balaton, a very good Hungarian place that is pretty close to South Euclid:

    But I am a west sider, and perhaps someone from the east side will have other recommendations. In any event, there will be Paneras and such nearby as well.

  22. People are thinking restaurant. I am thinking coffee shop.

  23. Mary Rose says:

    David, are you in Cleveland? Perhaps you could find a good coffee shop better than I. I was hoping the Panera in the Golden Gate Plaza would have had a meeting room. When I spoke with an obviously harried young woman, she told me that the meeting rooms only were in the Paneras located on the West side.

    Panera’s is notoriously busy on Saturday mornings. I have no idea how many people would attend, but it would take a small miracle to get enough tables in one area to accommodate 10-15 people.

    I just spoke with a very nice young man at the Phoenix Coffee Co. and he said it was possible to reserve an area for 15 people, during that Saturday, August 9 mid-morning. The Phoenix roasts their own beans (hooyah!) and has pastries and sandwiches, too. They’re located near South Euclid, near the intersection of Mayfair & S. Green Road. I tentatively reserved it. I also posted an RSVP entry on my blog so we could keep track of how many plan to attend. (Click on my name to see the blog. The RSVP is on the top left corner.) Here’s the link to the Google map:

    Google Map for Coffee Shops around South Euclid

    If the Phoenix Cafe doesn’t work, Starbuck’s may be the answer. Most of their customers are the “grab and go” type.

  24. David says:

    Mary Rose, I am often in Cleveland, although I’m not too familiar with the area around South Euclid. I also will not be back in Cleveland until that Monday.

    You make a good point about Panera. The only non-chain coffee shop I know of out that way is Arabica (H on your map); it was fine the last time I went, but that was years ago. On balance, your plan for Phoenix sounds sensible to me if Saturday mid-morning remains the best time for Fr. Z et al. Thank you for making the reservation. If we meet instead on Monday or Tuesday (when I’m in town), then I’d be happy to organize something else.

    By the way, the poll link didn’t display in the top left, and when I did find it under the links to the posts, it was a broken link.

  25. SuzyQ says:

    Fr. Z.,

    Please do let us know if it works out for you to celebrate a TLM on Sunday morning 10 August. If you do, I might drive to Cleveland for the day. It’s not that far …

  26. Suzy: I can’t by myself organize to celebrate a TLM when I am on the road. I would have to be invited to do so.

  27. Frank says:

    Immaculate Conception on Superior is one of the two or three churches in the diocese doing the unreformed mass, and it’s not far from St. Gregs. They have the set up so maybe it could be done there?

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