Glorious hours

I have just emerged from the National Gallery! Glorious hours! What a place. I learned a great deal and saw many paintings well known to me over the years.

These visits have been wonderful reminders of the passage of years. The first time, and last, I visited this gallery was over a quarter century ago … when I knew very little indeed. My appreciation of what I am seeing now has grown from those seeds and sparks.

In contrast to yesterday today I used an audio guide since I had more time. Yesteday I saw the pieces I simply could not miss. Today I took my time and really drilled into the experience going back to spend time in front of partcular paintings, listen to the guide, look some more with my own thoughts and watch others taking them in … or not.

Time well spent.

And the admission is free. Amazing.

Now I think I will find go by the Portrait Gallery again and find something to eat before seeking the tube.

Oh… I had a call from a friend in the USA while I was in the gallery. Sorry. Couldn’t talk on a mobile in there. I’ll find you later!

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  1. Craig Smith says:

    One of the many things that i am proud of as a British (well Scottish!!) citizen are our free entry to all museums and gallery’s. Come vist The National Museum and Gallery of Scotland up in Edinburgh when u get a chance Fr z!!!

    Glad your enjoying your visit!

  2. Fearsome coward says:

    Is this some massive ego trip? do you think ur the Pope or something?

  3. wsxyz says:

    Since when is visiting a museum a papal prerogative?

  4. Fearsome: What a profoundly stupid comment.  I will now happily ban your IP address.

  5. Marc in Cape Coral says:

    One of the delights of doing blogs: being able to ban “profoundly stupid comments”!

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