Huge thanks to you who have given donations!

An update…

First, I am very grateful to AB who sent a copy of Ian Kerr’s, The Catholic Revival In English Literature, 1845-1961: Newman, Hopkins, Belloc, Chesterton, Green, Waugh.  That was from the amazon wishlist.

Also, a few people have sent donations through the donation button on the side-bar and on some pages.  Since I am about to head off on a trip the UK and a few days in Rome, these donations are very welcome right now!  I quail at the prices I will face in London, with the dollar so weak, and Rome ain’t cheap either  (considering the frayed shoestring I live on).

Also, warm thanks to GK, who asked the question in a comment. 

When I get to Rome, one of the Masses I celebrate there, probably at San Pietro, will be for those you who will have made recent donations.  It is an honor and obligation to pray for benefactors.

Also, we have been nominated for another blog award, a new one.

Will you help?  A Catholic blog needs to make a strong showing and with your help we’ll have a good shot at it!  We get a lot of traffic here these days.

Reminder: if you haven’t done so already, please vote for WDTPRS here!  You can only vote once.

  My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

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  1. Phil (NL) says:

    A question Father, if you don’t mind: is there a way to make a donation without filling in all the info the paypal system requires? It asks for a lot more personal information that it needs to execute a credit card payment, and if there’s a way to avoid giving that I’d feel more at ease.

  2. Phil: Thanks for asking. I am trying to use just that system, for now. Paypal is not perfect, but it is fast, easy very secure. It protects everyone involved pretty well. I do appreciate your thought, however, either way!

  3. Dan says:

    Are you interested in acquiring Michael Davies excellent trilogy:”Cranmers Godly Order”
    “Pope Johns Council”, and “Pope Pauls New Mass”?
    Or have read them already?
    God bless.

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