PRAY! Serious Channel Tunnel FIRE!

There is a serious fire burning in the Channel Tunnel, Chunnel, between France and England.

Apparently on the France side a train carrying trucks caught fire.

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  1. RichR says:

    LONDON, England (CNN) — A fire broke out on a freight train Thursday as it traveled in the tunnel under the English Channel, Eurotunnel officials said.

    No passenger trains were going through the tunnel at the time of the fire, they said. It is unclear if the fire has been contained.

    People inside the Chunnel were evacuated through a service tunnel that runs between the two train-carrying tunnels, the officials said.

    The Associated Press reported 32 people were aboard a shuttle train transporting trucks where the fire broke out on the London-Paris service.

    The freight train was going from France to the British side when the fire broke out on the French side of the tunnel. Eurostar owns the 50-kilometer (30-mile) tunnel.

    The Channel Tunnel system has two tunnels running trains and the third service tunnel between them.

  2. Taquoriaan says:

    Relax… fire is under control, no casualties. Everything is okay. :) Sounds a lot more dangerous than it actually is.

  3. Taquoriaan: “Sounds a lot more dangerous than it is” and “Fire in the Channel Tunnel” don’t seem to go well together.

    But I hope everything is under control.

  4. Jayna says:

    This is why I nearly hyperventilated the last time I was on a train in the Chunnel. I’m a worse case scenario kind of girl.

    I’m glad no one was hurt, it could have been far worse had it been a passenger train.

  5. Patrick says:

    Holey smoke!

  6. Frank H says:


    On September 11th!?

  7. Christabel says:

    This was pretty nasty for a while; when the news first came through, brief moments of panic set in as people immediately thought this was a September 11th “commemoration” of the worst kind. It felt like 9/11 and London 7/7 all over again. Thank God it seems to have been just an accident.

    See how the terrorists really do terrorise us?

  8. supertradmom says:

    This has happened before in the Chunnel. In fact, the first train that ever went through the Chunnel, full of reporters from the BBC and other world news networks, was delayed by such a problem. A friend of mine at the Beeb stated that the fire was not the worst part of the nineteen-hour delay, never publicized at the time, but the hundreds of university students going to glee-club competitions in Europe singing the same songs over and over again…

  9. supertradmom says:

    P.S. There have been WATER leaks as well in the Chunnel-English Channel WATER.

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