Is there a correlation?

I think it would be interesting to explore whether there is any overlap in the list of US bishops who have been supportive of Summorum Pontificum on the one hand, and the list of US bishops who have made strong public statements about life issues in the last, say three months.

Off the top of my head, think of Bp. Morlino of Madison and Archbp. Burke once of St. Louis.

Someone should look at this.

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  1. Define “supportive of Summorum Pontificum“, please.

  2. AnneMarie says:

    Bishop Farrell and Bishop Vann wrote a strong letter on the matter. Bishop Vann is very friendly towards the TLM community. Bishop Farrell is not so much. There was already an Indult Mass (FSSP) in Dallas, but he has restricted any of his diocesan priests from saying it. He has received countless letters asking for expansion of the TLM from the tiny convent chapel it is currently said at and has denied every one.

  3. Kradcliffe says:

    I guess supportive could be defined as: having reacted to SP in a positive way, either through a public statement or by setting up personal parishes or celebrating Mass according to the 1962 missal, themselves.

    Somebody with more time on their hands than I have should look through this blog and make a list of the bishops who have done that,

    Then, they should make a list of the bishops who have made pro-life statements to the media during this election season.

    And, for good measure, this person with more time on their hands than I have might want to make a list of bishops who have reacted negatively to the SP and note if they have made any public pro-life statements or not.

    So, you all have fun with that. I’m going to bed. I look forward to reading the results in the morning. ;)

  4. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Here in Denver, Abp. Chaput and his auxiliary, Bp. Conley, have made strong public statements regarding the sanctity of life, most recently to correct a boneheaded statement by our state’s governor (and my fellow-parishioner) Bill Ritter.

    In September the EF was celebrated at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception for the first time since the ’60s. In November, Bp. Conley himself shall celebrate an EF pontifical high Mass at the Cathedral.

  5. toomey says:

    Greg, while it is true regarding pro-life statements by AB Chaput and Bishop Conley, it must be noted that Chaput is not real friendly to the TLM. When Chaput became Archbishop of Denver, there were two locations offering the TLM. Under his watch, one of those locations was shut down. Bishop Conley is a great supporter of the TLM, and will continue to show this when he says the Holy Mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in November.

  6. TJM says:

    Let’s check out Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Trautman. Tom

  7. Larry says:

    In addition in the Archdiocese of Denver FSSP has a daily and Sunday Masses in Littleton and Sunday Mass I believe in Fort Collins and Holy Famly Parish has the EF on Sunday at one early Mass. Some other parishes in Denver also offer the OF in Latin on Sundays.

    Archbishop Charles support of Pro Life has been and continues to be one, if not the most, clear and consistant. His book “Render to Caesar” is a must for Catholics who want to discover their duty as citizens not only on life issues, but also our duty in the public square to bring Catholic teaching out of the parish and into our everyday life.

  8. Virgil says:

    I would also be interested to know the connections with the folks in the pews.

    In general, I find the Usus Antiquior folks to be a wonderfully big tent – a group of people who leave politics behind the church door, and simply come to worship.

    At my parishes in the US and in Italy we have a brilliant mix of people of different political persuasions, united in the One Eucharist.

    It’s sad that the bishops who could be promoting proper worship, both in Italy and the US, present themselves are mere spokesmen for Republican and Centro Destra parties, rather than as shepherds of souls.

  9. EDG says:

    My bishop, Bp. Galeone of St. Augustine, has been notoriously unsupportive of (if not downright hostile towards) SP. However, he issued a very good statement, independently of the weak and ambiguous one issued by the Florida bishops as group, pointing out that the ONLY issue upon which Catholics could base their choice was the candidate’s approach to abortion – social programs were not in the same league. I think he has been trying to encourage the priests in the diocese, some of whom are completely at odds with the Church on this and every other matter, to be obedient. He insisted, for example, that his statement be published in every church bulletin or read at the masses. As I have said before, Bp Galeone is orthodox and even pastoral, but for some reason he has a serious blind spot when it comes to the liturgy. I don’t know if he’s ever noticed that the parishioners who want the old mass are probably the ones that would support him most on the other issues.

    The other bishops here who issued good individual statements were Bp Dewane of Venice and Bp. Wenski of Orlando. They are both much more positive towards SP.

  10. Brian says:

    In June, the Catholic News Agency,, reported that a reputable survey found that Catholics positions on abortion correlated with their adherance to “traditionalism” vs “modernism.”

    According to the article, “When asked to consider the statement ‘abortion should be legal and solely up to the woman to decide,’ . . . Traditionalist Catholics disagreed with the statement 71 to 21 percent, centrist Catholics agreed 54 to 40 percent, and modernist Catholics agreed 80-16 percent.”

    80% of modernist “Catholics” agreed that, legally, abortion should be solely up to the mother to decide – truly a devastated vineyard.

    Dear God, raise up, strengthen, and bless your holy Bishops.

  11. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Toomey – prior to the opening of the personal parish in Littleton, my parish was one of the sites where the EF was offered (at noon, IIRC). I’m pretty confident that it wasn’t Abp. Chaput’s idea that they headed out to the suburbs. There are quite a few “spirit of Vatican II” folks that hold some influence in the parish, though not as many as there were six years ago. This led to many conflicts about things like seasonal decor where a middle ground was not easy to establish. The traditionally-inclined continue to progress brick by brick, even in places that might not be considered the most hospitable.

  12. TNCath says:

    I believe there is a direct correlation between bishops who are supportive of Summorum Pontificum and those who are actively supporting life issues. I also believe the opposite is true. One case in point: Bishop J. Terry Steib of Memphis, who was not particularly encouraging about Summorum Pontificum. See below:

    He has also just recently written a column in his diocesan newspaper in which he admonishes his flock to not be a “one issue people” when casting their ballots. Consequently, he has received much praise from the secular press for this position that differs sharply from those of his confreres. Imagine that! I’d hardly call that making “strong public statements about life issues.” See below:

  13. John says:

    Well of course there is a correlation! “He that is of God, heareth the words of God.”

  14. ben says:


    While it was certainly a sign of progress that the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Latin Mass Community was able to scrape together sufficient funds to buy their own building and move out of Good Shepherd, it is important to note that it is still not a personal parish. Although it function is most respects as a parish, is does not have the same rights under canon law as other parishes.

    It is true that Fr. Moreno is also offering the Extraordinary Form at Holy Family, but requests for the extraordinary form at Holy Ghost, where the priests are most certainly well versed in the Latin were denied. I was told that the Archbishop thought that those drawn to the old liturgy would be better served by making the commute to Littleton, so that’s what we’ve done.

  15. Joe says:

    In the diocese of Fresno we are still operating under the “indult” with no accomodation for the Summorum Pontificum. Our bishop has not disciplined any Catholic/democrat/pro abort (ie Dennis Cardoza from Merced who has a high NARAL rating).

  16. toomey says:

    Larry, I must dispute much of your post. The thread is asking if there is a correlation between bishops who support the motu proprio and those bishops who have made strong public statements about life issues in the last 3 months. While perhaps there is a link between the statement makers and the supporters of the mp, I maintain that Chaput is an exception, and is not very TLM friendly. Prior to the mp, the FSSP chapel in Wheat Ridge was shut down. Since the mp, Holy Family and a parish in Fort Collins have a weekly EF, but to my knowledge, no other West Denver Deanery Parish has granted the EF, though it has been requested, I know, because I was involved in one fruitless exchange. H.E. has made some good pro-life statements lately, and for that I salute him. But I go back to the 36th & Wyandot days, and a Fr. Chaput who worked for Jimmy Carter on Both the 76 and the 80 elections. Chaput’s recent statements seem to indicate that he may have learned a thing or two since then pertaining to true social justice, which includes individual responsibility. I certainly hope so.

  17. booklover says:

    1. The chapel in Wheat Ridge was not “shut down”; the congregation simply moved from there to larger quarters in Littleton.
    2. There is an EF Mass in Ft Collins once a month (first Sunday at 5 pm at Holy Family).

  18. supertradmom says:

    There is a statistics floating out here that 20% of the bishops in America have come out clearly on the pro-life, anti-Obama issue. Have that many supported the EF?

  19. Gen X Revert says:

    My Bishop, William Murphy of Rockville Centre (Long Island), had his very positive statement on SP reviewed here on WDTPRS, and he has been publicly commenting on life issues lately.

  20. Jeremy says:

    Recently installed Bishop Johnston of Springfield-Cape Girardeau has written numerous times on voting pro-life, even sending a letter that was read at all parishes this weekend on this topic.

    About a month ago he moved a priest who celebrated the TLM to the Cathedral in Springfield. There is now a weekly TLM at the Cathedral.

  21. Brian Day says:

    Bishop Tod D Brown of the Diocese of Orange in California:

    Hostile to Latin in the Liturgy, whether OF or EF.

    Abortion – no individual statement, and only a link to the Faithful Citizenship statement of the USCCB website. (Plus no statements on Loretta Sanchez, pro-choice congress critter from Orange County (CA-47) and self identified as Catholic.)

  22. Jerry says:

    It isn’t a 100% correlation. One Bishop that I know has been very strong in the right direction on the abortion issue but very soft on SP.

  23. says:

    The correlation? The bishops who both support the TLM and publicly and clearly oppose abortion are actually Catholic! :-)

    All kidding aside, Father, I’m surprised that after all the blog posts about your trip to KC this past weekend you didn’t count his excellency Bishop Finn on that list.

  24. Mario Mirarchi says:

    Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Harrisburg is both outspokenly pro-life and a strong supporter of SP. Bishop Trautman is an outspoken defender of life. He barred then PA Governor Tom Ridge from speaking on Catholic property in the Erie Diocese.

  25. Avus says:

    Cardinal Rigali is an interesting case study of this theory. As chairman of the US bishops’ Pro-Life Committee he has recently become outspoken against abortion, although not as much as many other bishops. Yet as archbishop of Philadelphia he has been barely tolerant of the TLM. There are only 3 locations in the entire archdiocese, all of which are indults already in place when he arrived 5 years ago.

  26. Josiah Ross says:

    That is’nt all true. Our Lady of Consolation used to be the only place in the diocese offering the TLM. The other two (Our lady of Lourdes and Holy Saviour)began to offer it last year, after Cardinal Rigali Arrived. Neither were indults.
    It is true that so far, he does’nt seem to be actively promoting the EF, but I don’t see him as only tolerant. His letter on SP could have been better, but he has a genuine concern that liturgy be celebrated properly in reverently, so I interpreted it as another expression of that desire.

  27. Local Fan says:

    I disagree with the comment about Bishop Wenski as later on he stated one can vote for Sen. Obama so as long as one does so not because of abortion. As for SP, not the best, but some little steps here and there with the FSSP bi-weekly in Ocala and a campus ministry Mass at I believe FIT (I could be wrong, seeing it is past midnight here) once a month having the extraordinary form. Then again, I heard that what was the indult Mass in Winter Haven is no longer at that church. So, one step forward, two steps back perhaps?

  28. dumdowned says:

    Father, Your suggestion of linking Summorum with those bishops who have not spoken out on Pro Life is an exercise of inconsequential futility. America’s destiny for the next 100 years is about to be decided—and you want your readers to give their time and exercise their talents in a dead-end issue of the Latin Mass! Father, the house of America and its people are at the precipice of hell, with obamonster pushing them over into the abyss! Father Corapi and some bishops are speaking out in condemnation of abortion, urging people to pray novenas, fast and sacrifice themselves for God’s Innocent Unborn Children, for Life, for Country, for Family! You should do the same with your readers while there is still time! [I see you have also reposted this same “message” under a another name, below “TwoCentsWorth”. I consider that spamming. If you do that again, I will lock your IP address out for good. That’s my two cents worth.]

  29. Ohio Annie says:

    Around these here parts the negative is the case. The bishop refers you to the USCCB statements on the election and when SP came out issued a letter which appeared to retain the indult system. We still have only the one indult parish in our diocese. The excuse is, nobody is clamoring for the EF. But the indult parish is growing very strong despite its position in the inner city with nobody living withing the parish boundaries.

    It’s hard to find an OF in Latin, even. The other very conservative parish in the diocese is mainly English only except during Lent and Advent.

    We converts who end up wanting the real stuff have few choices.

    I would like to start with an OF in Latin, according to the VII documents, please. If you build it, they will come.

    Sorry, I am in a bad mood today.

    De colores,

  30. TwoCentsWorth says:

    The growing list of bishops speaking out against abortion and against pelosi and biden is very encouraging to those who are on the internet front lines, fighting against obamacide and the party of death. However Father Z’s post suggesting the link between those bishops who do not accept Summorum and those bishops who are silent on the crucial issue of abortion and the candidates’ position, is an exercise in dead-end futility. To what purpose? America is in a cultural war between life and death, which threatens the very foundations upon which America the Beautiful was built by our Founding Fathers. [Liturgy is at the very heart of the culture war.] Father Z wants to play the game of bishops vs. Latin, while our nation, our very lives, are on the precipice of hell. [Game? Whatever this might be, it isn’t a game.] The cruel, merciless obamonster is in the rear, threatening to push us into the abyss. 100 bishops speaking out against abortion, a multitude of priests and laity are pleading for prayer, fasting and action for the election of Life over against obama-death. Father Z, wake up and smell the smoke of satan! [You are out of line. I have done a lot on this blog, which has its own emphasis, on these issues.] We have only a few days…it’s the 11th hour and a few minutes before 12, crunch time!

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