So long, for now, to a priest blogger!

Just a quick note of farewell and thanks to a priest blogger, Fr. John Boyle of South Ashford Priest.

He has decided to end his blog.

So long for now, Father, and thanks! 

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Mark M says:

    Well, it was a pleasure reading him whilst it lasted. :)

  2. Emilio III says:

    That was sudden! I was following a link back to your “Spiritual Mothers of Priests” when I got the “Blog has been removed” screen. I first thought it was accidental, then that he had been ordered to shut up. Since the first guess was wrong, I hope the second one is also wrong.

  3. Ron Webber says:

    Well, if he was ordered to shut up then I would fear for “his hermeneuticalness” who, after all, is in the same diocese.

    I doubt he was ordered to stop though. Bishops generally aren’t that stupid. Well, some are!

  4. Fr John Boyle says:

    Just to clarify: not accidental and not under orders. Just a view I took that I should take a break – at least for a while – and the only way of ensuring I did that was to delete. Thanks to all who visited, read,commented, linked etc.

  5. Let’s not indulge in speculation.

    Fr. chose himself to shut it down for his own reasons.

    And I can sympathize.

  6. Shin says:

    Sometimes the only way to take a break is to take a clean break!

  7. God bless and thanks for sharing all that you did, while you did. I wish you could have left your posts up for archive purposes, but I can understand how tempting it would be to begin posting again.

    It’s great when priests can give of their time on the web. People in parishes and dioceses that are lacking in orthodoxy benefit the most from witnessing what other priests are doing. Ultimately, I think it also helps seminarians and young people discerning to see that traditional and orthodox-minded priests are not like the nutty aunt in the closet, and are a reality. It’s inspiring.

    But, each has to follow their heart to where God leads them and I am grateful for the time you have given to the cyber-flock.

  8. Anne Mansfield says:

    Dear South Ashford Priest

    I wish at least that you would make your blog posts before the shut down available. I have relied on you for much wisdom.

    God Bless you for all you have done so far

  9. Richard says:

    That’s where he’s gone! I just tried to look at his blog and it had disappeared.

    Father, you will be missed.

  10. Frank H says:

    If you do some Google searching and click on “cache” at the results, or use, you can find some of the old posts from South Ashford Priest.

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