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I was asked to post this:

Last Chance to Register for Confirmations:
Now is your last chance to register for Confirmations in the Traditional Latin Rite at St James’ Church, Spanish Place, London W1 on Saturday 15th November at 11.30 am with Bishop George Stack.
Confirmations will be followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
If you are thinking of Confirmation for your child/ren this year, you need to register their details urgently with the Latin Mass Society. Please telephone or email to request a registration form and return it no later than 31 Oct 2008 to the LMS office.
Tel:    020 7404 7284.

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  1. Noisy says:

    If only!

    But in my parish, the two priests are not preparing anybody for Confirmation this year as the Bishop (a “Bishop of the South Coast”)won’t come to confirm – he comes for other things – so I can’t get my daughter suitably catechised as I live far, far away from anywhere in which an LMS-approved person could carry out the preparation.

  2. Lucia says:

    Wow! there are Traditional Confirmations too? I should know better of course there are but I had never heard of them before. That’s really cool.

    Are there major differences between the Traditional Confirmations and the…um…post Vatican II, I suppose, Confirmations? Besides Latin or something like that? (I am totally ignorant as to anything about this but I’d like to know more.)

  3. Yes, Lucia, there is indeed ….. a traditional confirmation, a traditional baptism, traditional vespers, traditional lauds, a whole traditional breviary, traditional nuptials, traditional exorcism, traditional anointings, traditional blessings, a plethora of traditional devotions, etc. In my personal opinion, all of these suffered more in the great leap forward than did the Mass, for which we can only thank God.

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