A snowed under Midnight Mass?

I am pretty nearly completely snowed in right now.  Some plowing, even this evening, will help.  But I must wait for tomorrow morning to get out of here, I think.


Perhaps I’ll say a Midnight Mass … on the Z-Cam?

It would be at 0600 GMT (0700 Rome – 0100 EST)


I will also have it on USTREAM.

Remember, I am still trying to figure all of this stuff out.

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  1. Carolina Geo says:

    I am in Portland, Oregon, right now. There has been a pretty major snowstorm here for about a week. The single traditional Latin Mass at midnight (at least, the only one I’ve heard about) has been cancelled. I’m hoping to make it to the Byzantine Divine Liturgy in the morning.

    Christmas blessings to all!

  2. Felicitas says:

    A Z-cam midnight mass would be great!

    Of course, for me it’d be 1 AM so I’d probably have to miss it …

  3. Geo F. says:

    Dear Fr. Z:
    I really enjoyed the Mass in the chapel segment; it would be nice if you decided to make this a regular feature.

    If you do decide to celebrate Midnight Mass, I’ll be watching (It’ll be 11:00PM here as I am in the EST zone). [I think it will be 1 a.m., actually.]

    Thanks for all that you do, your blog has been a blessing to us.

  4. Terezija says:

    Please do, Fr. Z.! I am ill this Christmas and would love the opportunity to see a lovely midnight Mass any way that I can. I will watch for sure.

  5. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:

    Carolina…There is Latin Midnight Mass in Portland at St. Brigitta (on Hwy. 30) in the Extraordinary Form and at Holy Rosary Parish over by Lloyds Center. I don’t live there at the time (sadly), so I’m not sure which one is cancelled, but hopefully you can get to the other one if it is still on.

  6. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:


    My apologies…the Mass at Holy Rosary is Novus Ordo, but in Latin and very beautiful. I believe they will be doing a Dominican Rite Mass at 11AM in the morning.


  7. MG says:

    In Portland also, and not planning to go out anywhere tonight, so I’d love to watch Midnight Mass on the Z Cam!
    Thanks Father.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    I would love to, but alas I will be at Midnight Mass here on the west coast… at 10pm PST! Go figure!

  9. Carolina Geo says:

    Thanks, Sledge, for the info! It is the Midnight Mass at St. Birgitta that is cancelled, as is their traditional Latin Mass on Christmas morning. I’m looking into the 11am Mass at Holy Rosary. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  10. Willebrord says:

    I would watch myself, but luckily the bad weather we’ve been having here has let up, and so I’ll be going to the midnight TLM.

  11. Will says:

    I’ve heard of the Mass for shut-ins, but never expected the celebrant to be the shut-in!
    I’ll look in after my Midnight (er, 2200) Mass.

  12. Phillip says:

    Father, is that 10 Pacific Standard Time. I would love to tune in.

  13. Irenaeus says:

    I’ll be at Mass until 12.00 CST and then out with a friend; will we be able to replay it on ustream or here?

  14. Yes, Dominican Rite Missa Cantata at Holy Rosary tomorrow. I make announcements for all festive Dominican Rite Masses celebrated in the Western Dominican Province at: http://dominican-liturgy.blogspot.com/ There is a list of the regular celebrations in the current second post.

    I might add that the weather in Portland has meant that a total of less than 200 people have attended Holy Rosary the last to Sundays. And they are worried that fewer will make the Christmas Masses.

    Do you know such a drop in the collection can have? Especially when there is an expensive music program like the one at Holy Rosary.

  15. Carolina Geo says:

    Thank you for the additional info, Fr. Thompson! I am excited to be at the Dominican rite Mass again; my first encounter with the traditional Mass was the Dominican rite at Holy Rosary six or seven years ago. I will be most happy to contribute to the offertory collection to help make up the deficit of the past two weeks!

    Let’s pray that the temperature stays above freezing throughout the night and that the rain washes the streets clean!

  16. Gloria says:

    Pray that it doesn’t snow in the foothills before I get home about 3 a.m. Right now it’s just rain. The snow we had is about gone, but we will have a white Christmas. I’m driving down to St. Stephen the First Martyr, Sacramento, taking one of my daughters and grandson. It’s about 65 miles from Grass Valley. At 11 p.m. the choir will begin to sing hymns, some rare and very old, and carols, the congregation joining in on some. At midnight the organ will chime the hour. The procession, accompanied by a joyously grand organ accompaniment on an evening such as this, will have at least 20 of our altar servers (I wonder how the littlest ones manage to stay awake) and the three priests will carry the Baby Jesus into Our Lady’s chapel and place Him in the manger before Mass begins. After Mass there will be a reception in the gym with goodies, wine, cider, etc. I can’t wait!

  17. Gloria says:

    I did forget to say that it will be a Solemn High Mass, 1962 Missl, even though I mentioned the three priests.

  18. Rosella says:

    I’m also in Oregon but on the coast, and I will tune into Fr. Z, although I already attended “midnight” Mass tonight…at 8:00 pm! The median age here is about 68, and the priest is 81, so no one could stay awake for an actual midnight Mass.

    This is a regular N.O. parish, but we have a very devout, precise, old-time Jesuit priest, so it was a beautiful Mass. He wore his Beretta at the suitable times, and sang the Gospel, and also that introductory chronology part (I forget the name).

    So, fellow Oregonians, if you’re ever in Waldport, stop in to St. Anthony’s. Mass with silence, genuflecting, kneeling, no hand-grabbing at the Our Father, challenging homilies, and lots of statues!

  19. PMcGrath says:

    Rosella: If your “old time Jesuit” wore a Beretta to Mass, he is one pistol packin’ prelate! Probably against the rubrics, but … a little difficult to argue with!

    You’re probably thinking of birettas and other headgear seen here.

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