Ustream test

I was able to fix the problem with the browser crashing everytime I tried to open the Ustream main page or any video.

If I can fix this also on my old laptop in the chapel then we’ll be in business!

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  1. Michael Fudge says:

    based on the movement of the reflection in the image, it appears to be working.

  2. The problem is that Ustream crashes my every browser I try on my “big” computer, but I can get it to run on this old box. Grrr

  3. Working fine here using Safari.

  4. lmsrep says:

    The only thing I can’t clearly make out is the bird feeder, but the technology is brilliant. Can we look forward to livestream Mass? With no snow forecast here for Christmas, the roads in both the North and South of England should be clear for us to travel safely to our ever increasing numbers of traditional Masses over Christmastide and the New Year, but this said your livestream view of the chapel is most festive.

  5. I am still working to fix the crash problem. The flash player seems to be the problem with Vista. I tried installing a previous version of adobe flash, which didn’t work.

    If I can get that worked out, then I might be able to do some live/talk/call-in type segments, or other projects.

  6. Interesting applications with Ustream. I’m also watching a Christmas Party put on by another blogger via Ustream. He’s doing a Q&A with his readers who type in live.

  7. Roland de Chanson says:

    It was dark when I last checked but earlier the birds were clearly visible and the music to my ear seemed undistorted (I am using firefox on windows). I would join others in watching a live Vetus Ordo (accuratius dictum, Verus Ordo) Missae if you decide to celebrate it via internet.

    Tu profecto technologus videris clarissimus! (You certainly seem to be an accomplished technologist.)

  8. Frank H says:

    If we get the opportunity to pray a Mass via the Z-Cam, do we have to orient our computer monitors so that we face the East?

  9. Irenaeus says:

    where on ustream do I find it?

  10. Roland: I do so every day I am at the Sabine Farm and without an appointment elsewhere. Tonight, for example, Mass was on the Z-Cam (not Ustream).

    Brick by brick.

  11. Frank: do we have to orient our computer monitors so that we face the East?


  12. Irenaeus: Right now it is off air, but right now it is called “Radio Sabina”

  13. David says:

    Fr. Z,

    Around what time do you say Mass in the chapel so i can try to get on either U-stream or the Z-Cam and will you be doing a Midnight Mass tomorrow?

  14. David: I will be in St. Paul, MN tomorrow.

  15. Irenaeus says:

    St Paul is a wonderful place. If our paths might cross there when I’m traveling, maybe I could buy you a beer.

  16. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:


    Would love to watch you celebrate Holy Mass via the Z-Cam. I will also be in St. Paul on the 26th! Hoping to enjoy the “Splendors of the Vatican” exhibit.


  17. DCS says:

    Works fine on XP and Firefox.

  18. Romanrevert says:

    Looks and sounds great. Using a MAC w/ Firefox. One gotcha .. since this is a sponsored site, the first ad that I saw was one from the Most Holy Family Monastery talking about how V2 ruined the Church and the Mass, etc. Aren’t they sedevacantist? Just an FYI. Other than that … very nice.

  19. Bo the Okie says:

    It is working fine out here in Oklahoma on the old Internet Explorer 6. I think i’m even behind a firewall, and it still works…

  20. Paul says:

    Beautiful Father

  21. Most: Probably at 1600 GMT (1700 Rome – 1100 EST).

  22. It works fine on XP and Firefox 3 here also.

  23. Thomas says:

    Working fine. I wish that you had a program that could send us some of that snow. We will not have a white Christmas here in Annapolis…:(

  24. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Yep, works on my Firefox and iMac here. NICE!

    You have to have at least 2 gig of memory to run Vista. [Hopefully you have run a recent defrag to free up stuff?] And Adobe shouldn’t be a problem unless you haven’t upgraded in awhile.

  25. Rachel says:

    Perfect…no dragging movements. Beautiful music and singing. Vista, Explorer 7

  26. Tom S. says:

    Awesome!!!!! Working great via Safari! Thanks, Father

  27. Marcin says:

    works fine here with FF3 on XP. (orientation is versus sinkum in kitchenam)

  28. Erin says:

    Gotta love technology…it’s beautiful…just rainy where i am. Thanks!

  29. Andrew says:

    Working great on Google Chrome

  30. Rudy of C.C. says:

    The stream was working well, but then went down. It was nice to see Mass from the Gradual to the Lavabo. Thanks Father Z. For the Greater Glory of God.

  31. RichR says:

    Too bad the ad shown on the bottom of the screen is from Most Holy Family Monastery which rejects the validity of Vatican II.

  32. Dan says:

    Cool! Now I don’t have to stand by a cold window to watch the birds! Looks GREAT Father!

  33. Jon says:

    Looks great from Pennsylvania. Those chickadees look hungry!

  34. John says:

    Coming through loud and clear on Vista/FF3, on a rainy Christmas Eve in Cincinnati. Thank you, Father, for this wonderful music – which you apparently programmed to run while you’re in St. Paul?

  35. john gordon says:

    Working great here on IE 6.0. However using Firefox 3.0.5 it, along with lots of other sites that have video, crash and burn.

    RichR said “Too bad the ad shown on the bottom of the screen is from Most Holy Family Monastery which rejects the validity of Vatican II.

    I’m not getting any advertisements. Just the scene of birds, the music and Father’s “ID” crawling across the top.

    John in Pomeroy on the Palouse

  36. Mila says:

    Watching from warm Florida (low 80’s today, doesn’t seem right). It looks wonderful Father Z. May the Lord Jesus shower you with His blessings at His Nativity.

  37. Janet says:

    The livestream is a great success! Nice selection of birds, too. Do you also get cardinals at the feeders? We have loads of them down South.

  38. Will says:

    Fr Z: Ustream’s help section has alternate software listed to avoid problems with Adobe’s Flash software.
    Having said that, it’s I’m seeing the stream just fine on my old mangy Win2000 computer (with FireFox 3).

  39. Jennifer says:

    Works great with XP and IE 7 here in snowy Vancouver BC. I think we may have more snow than you…very unusual weather for us.

  40. Jose Moreno says:

    Are those birds always eating?

  41. Jose: Are those birds always eating?

    So it would seem!  It is very cold here. They need to eat or die. 

  42. Bryan says:

    Works fine here near Trenton NJ, on Fedora Core 6, Firefox, and the necessary plugins.

    And a most blessed Christmas to you, Father, and great thanksgivings for the gift of your vocation.

  43. Father Bartoloma says:

    That’s a very busy bird feeder!

  44. PMcGrath says:

    24 Dec 2008, 1:21 PM EST/12:21 PM CST

    Coming in just fine on my mangy old computer (a 1997 vintage HP Pavillion) running Win XP and Firefox 3.0.5. Sound is great and birds are noticeable on the livestream.

    Yeah, I’d call that a wow.

  45. Matt says:

    Yay, FedEx just arrived!

  46. Matt: Yes! The FedEx guy came, with a package from Mom, no less!

  47. Jenny says:

    This is lovely…especially the music. What a gift! Thank you Father Z for all that you do to nourish us and to keep us apprised of all things Catholic and otherwise. You are the one blog that I check daily. Have a blessed Christmas and on into the New Year.

  48. Donna says:

    What Jenny said!! God Bless you and all that you do!

  49. Fr. BJ says:

    For at least five minutes now it looks as if this one bird has been hanging upside down on the edge of the feeder! But it’s hard to make out for sure.

    Whoops, now he’s gone.

  50. I was able to watch Christmas Eve Mass. Thank you!

  51. Kristen says:

    Dear Fr. Z.

    Thank you so much for offering Mass so we could see and hear it. May God bless and keep you. Merry Chirstmas!


  52. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Father Z, I could not be at my church’s midnight (TLM) Mass tonight. This was beautiful. God bless you.

  53. This is 10:35 PM Vancouver time. I think it is 12:35 AM where Fr. Z is. Thanks Fr. Z for letting us see you celebrated Mid-Night Mass. I followed parts of the Mass through the web. And I prayed with you. I also said the prayers after Mass with you. Merry Christmas. God bless.

  54. Frank H says:

    The Midnight Mass was a joy to watch. Quite a nice chapel you have, Fr. Z.

    For future Z Cam Masses, you might consider turning off the headline scroll, as you did the music. It could be a little distracting.

    Have a peaceful Christmas!

  55. Michael Fudge says:

    Thank you, Father. Merry Christmas!

  56. Ruben says:


    A very blessed and wonderful Christmas to you. Thank you for broadcasting the midnight mass. I asked my guardian angel to be present. Thank you again for your continued work for God.

  57. Hibernus says:

    Thank you for the Midnight Mass, Fr. Z.

  58. Allena J says:

    Cool! Loved it, but I am sorry I only caught the last few minutes as I just arrived hom :( Will there be more? My monitor was pointed west…oops. :D

  59. Hibernus says:

    …and a very happy Christmas and New Year to you!

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