Let them eat papal panettone… really! 1000 loaves for the poor

From CNA:

Italian bakers give Pope a thousand loaves of ‘panettone’ for the poor

Rome, Dec 4, 2008 / 11:33 am (CNA).- L’Osservatore Romano reported this week that the Italian Federation of Bread Bakers has donated to the Pope one thousand loaves of “panettone” (a traditional Christmas sweet bread) for the poor who receive assistance from Caritas and for those who come to the Missionary of Charity’s shelter “Gift of Mary.”

At the conclusion of the Wednesday General Audience, the president of the Federation, Luca Vecchiato, and the honorary president, Edi Jerian, presented the plan to the Holy Father along with an 11-pound “panettone.” The Federation has been donating the sweet bread each year at Christmas since 2000.

At the end of the audience the Pontiff was also presented with a copy in Danish of his book “Jesus of Nazareth” by Bishop Czeslaw Kozon and the book’s translator Jakob E. Thorsen.



I have a story about panettone I will share someday.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    I have many boxes of Panettone just waiting to be sent out for Christmas. What a wonderful gift these bakers are giving…

  2. Jayna says:

    The best part of that story? The fact that there is a Federation of Bread Bakers. Never thought of that as being a unionized occupation.

  3. jarhead462 says:

    I like to make panettone bread pudding this time of year….yowza!

    Semper Fi!

  4. Inqiusitor says:

    Let them eat panettone.

  5. Peg says:

    panettone bread pudding that sounds great! Do you share recipes? Or is this a family secret.

  6. Nick says:

    Wait…the Pope was presented with “Jesus of Nazareth” and Jakob E. Thorsen?


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