Chant CD by Norbertines in California: fundraiser

I received a copy of a CD of Chant by the Norbertine’s at St. Michael’s Abbey in Orange, CA.

They are using this CD to raise much needed money.

If you buy it, you are helping them.

The disk is not bad.  You can tell that the chant is not a novelty for them, which is the important thing.

I have included some cuts from the CD on the stream of Radio Sabina.

The some Norbertine Chant versions aren’t quite the same as you would hear in regular Gregorian Chant.

You can learn something about them here on this YouTube.  It talks about the Abbey.

I remember many years ago meeting their old Hungarian Abbot when he visited Msgr. Schuler in St. Paul.  I have known a couple of the other Fathers there also.


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  1. CB says:

    I haven’t heard this CD, but I have their Christmas album, which I really enjoyed. I am guessing that this one is similar, just not aimed at a specific liturgical season.

  2. Luigi says:

    Is it just me, or is the habit rather Papal looking?

  3. Karinann says:

    I’ve had the CD for a few weeks now. I love it; the chant and polyphony are beautiful.

  4. Edward C. says:

    I have had the extreme pleasure of living a short drive down the canyon from these noble and holy priests. For any and all interested, these men have almost singlehandedly preserved tradition in Orange County. Almost every mass in the diocese of Orange in the extraordinary form is celebrated by a Norbertine priest. As Father said, this is not a novelty for them, this is their life. Sitting with them nightly before the Holy Eucharist exposed upon the altar listening to these wonderfully beautiful prayers has been the extreme pleasure of my life. These priests need support badly!

    here’s a link to their personal store:

    browse around, check them out it’s a group worthy of praise, support and many devout vocations!

  5. Alibreit says:

    I have both CDs and LOVE them! “Anthology” is “easier” to listen to since it includes polyphony as well as Gregorian chant. The artwork is gorgeous and the liner notes (lyrics included) are filled with great information! I wish everyone could hear this beautiful music.

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