Rigging for Church

On the site Breviarium Romanum Fr. Cusick posted that Fr. Charles Johnson, Catholic chaplain aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, currently deployed, sent photos of the Ordinary Form, sung on the Second Sunday of Lent in the ship’s foc’sle.

Fr. Cusick says:

Father Johnson’s ministry at sea demonstrates well what can be done in every parish to bring the celebration of the ordinary form of the sacred liturgy into a more harmonic continuity with the whole of our Catholic liturgical tradition and to heal the scandal of rupture which is all too often the experience of our good Catholic people at Mass in many parishes.


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  1. mcitl says:

    Thank you, good Fr Z, for this most kind post.


  2. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Looks like a Roman chausable. Some styles never go out of style no matter where you are.

  3. John says:

    Brick by brick, boat by boat.

  4. Bos Mutissimus says:

    NB: should be fo’c’sle, not foc’sle.

    We knew Fr. Cusick when he was aboard Camp Lejeune NC about ten years ago; he & a handful of other stalwart chaplains ensured we had an anchor of orthodox liturgy & sound doctrine at St. Francis Xavier chapel (despite the five-woman guitar & hand-clappin’ “Glory & Praise” group he christened “The Spice Girls”).

    Liturgy: Great. Doctrine: Sound. Music…. Well…

    Two outta three ain’t bad. He done what he could.

  5. mcitl says:

    Hello Bos Mutissimus,

    You brought a smile with the memory – the humor of Christ helps us bear the burdens of the day!

    Shoot an email when you get the chance: mcitl.blosgpot.com@gmail.com Would also enjoy catching up.

    Gaudete in Domino semper,

  6. mcitl says:

    Email address error correction:


    Mea culpa,

  7. Fr A says:

    Uh . . . I thought that the tonsure was supposed to be on the crown of the head, not on the sides and back. :-)

  8. Nathan says:

    Fr A, I think that’s a MILITARY tonsure….

    In Christ,

  9. Florida Latin Rite says:


    Thank you for your presence. As a military member myself, the service you provide is invaluable. May God continue to bless you and His flock through your ministry.

  10. Joe Gallaher says:

    I remember Fr.Charles/Lawrence Opraem well from my son’s days at St. Michael’s Prep in Orange County Ca. He is a very orthodox priest and the Military Archdiocese is very fortunate to have him. Father if you happen to read this. Greetings from the Gallaher family. JP is now in the Marines, stationed in Okinawa. If your travels include Okinawa please look him up. He is 3rd Recon Bat. As Florida Latin Rite said ” the service you provide is invaluable”. Keep up the good work. Joe Gallaher

  11. Joan says:

    The “Military Archdiocese” which comprises all priests serving our folks all over the world, gets zero funds from the Church, zero funds from the government. They are a sort of floating archdiocese dependent upon donations. This is stupid, IMHO, every diocese in the USA should just give a percentage of its Annual Appeal directly to the Military Archdiocese. But as that is not the case and most people don’t realize it, I mention if you want to do some extra alms giving for Lent or are looking for a worthy cause.

  12. Sandy says:

    I agree with Joan 1,000%! It is a cause dear to my heart. God bless all the military chaplains (all priests too)! It was a Navy Chaplain who married us over 40 yrs. ago, and we knew many wonderful others over my husband’s career.

  13. mcitl says:

    For those who would like to support the Military Archdiocese, here is the website: http://www.milarch.org

    The website offers options to make donations on-line, by phone or throught the mail:

    How to Help: Your Financial Support!
    Your financial contribution to the Archdiocese for the Military Services
    can help make a difference in someone’s life today. Please show your
    support for our Catholic servicemen and women by giving to AMS.

    Mail your tax-deductible donation to:
    Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA
    Attn: Development Department
    P.O. Box 4469
    Washington, DC 20017-0469
    Telephone: (202) 269-9100, ext 31
    FAX: (202) 269-9022
    Email: Support@milarch.org

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