“I feel like I’ve been deceiving myself about what it means to be a ‘traditional Catholic’.”

From a reader:

I’ve been attending the Traditional Latin Mass for a while now, and have found many wonderful Catholics there. But today was a shock to me.

The afternoon TLM had been moved to an early-morning time slot to make room for the popular Divine Mercy Mass (which I love as well), and several TLM regulars arriving at various times asked what had happened to the Latin Mass. When I told them about the rearrangement, they all left! One young man even said "I guess I won’t get to Mass this Sunday then."

What’s up with this? I feel like I’ve been deceiving myself about what it means to be a "traditional Catholic."

How sorry I am about what you wrote. 

Standing at the door of a church where Mass was about to be celebrated, those people chose not to fulfill their Sunday Mass obligation and they gave evident scandal as well.

I suspect that if the TLM is at that parish, the priests there probably say Mass with the Novus Ordo according to the book.  The Novus Ordo might not be their cup of tea, but choosing to avoid Mass was just wrong.  I pray that they repented and then found some other Mass elsewhere…. I hope there was one in their area.

Folks, … if as you read this you find that you yourself have just been described… I urge you to examine your consciences and then get your head screwed on in the right direction.

I will close the combox on this, because the knuckle-heads would rapidly demonstrate why people need to learn how to self-edit.   I you have anything intelligent to add, you can e-mail me and I might post it here. 

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