Archbishop Robert Carlson now in St. Louis

His Excellency Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson is now the Archbishop of St. Louis.

In your charity will you pray for him?

Here is his first sermon as Archbishop in case you missed it.




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  1. A Random Friar says:

    May the Lord bless him, and strengthen him in His ministry, with every grace and blessing!

  2. Paul Q says:

    I especially appreciated H.E.’s closing comment about there being a variety of ministries, but ONE goal – the sanctification of all!

    Paul, Edmonton

  3. TNCath says:

    Yes, he’s off to a great start. Prayers and best wishes to His Excellency!

    Does anyone know why Archbishop Sambi is absent from the installation of Archbishop Carlson in St. Louis today?

  4. Youngcatholicstl says:
  5. ED says:

    Archbishop Carlson is a good man and at least we now are beginning to have bishops who won’t undermine the faith ,they might even stand up for it publicly which is a huge change. But we will never what the Holy Spirit can do with the church until we have Bishops and Priests who have the zeal of the missionaries in doing everything humanly possible that is needed to save souls. Just look at the zeal for their causes that feminists and gay activist have for theirs. They are small numbers wise but have control of legislatures and courts, anybody in todays church who exhibits any kind of zeal is attacked by the beauracrats in charge, I know two priests like that Father Corapi and Father Isaac Mary Reylea. This must change!!!!!

  6. Hidden One says:

    Let us all continue to pray for Abp. Carlson. His commitment to Christ, demonstrated by such things as his commitment to the pro-life cause, is powerful and inspiring. Likewise, his commitment specifically to his priests is profound.

  7. TerryN says:

    Just think, you know him, he’s your friend. How cool is that. Isn’t God good!

  8. Mitchell NY says:

    I am watching it now on EWTN, as it was a late night for work. I saw some clapping that I thought was not allowed in Church..The vestments look pretty formal and on the traditional side..Nice overall, I wish St. Louis further luck and development..I hope the TLM will continue to flourish during his tenure..

  9. Andrew, medievalist says:

    The design on the deacon’s dalmatic bears a striking resemblance to that recently seen on +Archbp Nichols (Westmonstat’). Tradition all around!

  10. Chris says:

    I know him and have had many talks with him while in Sioux Falls. In the Mass I would have prefered more formality and NO clapping. Sometimes I think bishops behave like religious politicians or corporate fathers rather then shepherds. I pray Archbishop Carlson does not think in terms of right and left within the Church, thinking of the truth being in the middle. Archbishop Burke was and is a great man. Let us pray Archbishop Carlson who is a confident and capable leader will discover and come to love the tradition of the Church and the traditional liturgy. He never showed much support for it in Sioux Falls. May he discover continuity. The Faith is not just cerebral, it involves all the person and is best shown in the adsorption of Catholic culture and its perpetuation by Catholic bishops.

  11. irishgirl says:

    Good sermon by the new Archbishop.

    I’m in complete agreement with you, ED! Especially what you said about the feminists and the homosexuals [I refuse to call them ‘gays’] and their ‘zeal’.

    Why can’t we Catholics have the zeal for doing good? Why are we so cowed by those who wish to do evil?

  12. I do not envy him the job of dealing with St. Stanislaus Kostka parish.

  13. Anthony OPL says:

    Just look at the beauty and richness in that photo!

    He’s doing it right.

  14. fr.franklyn mcafee says:

    The vestments were made in England by Watts.

  15. Matt Q says:

    We pray for Archbishop Carlson. Anyone can make a good speech but walking the walk is what counts.

    There was also an interview the archbishop and he was asked about pro-abort politicians receiving Communion. He replied he would discuss it in private and would it would remain private. That’s code for not doing anything at all because once any result is visibly public, the matter is no longer private automatically.

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