IN THE WILD! Roman Vestment Sighting

From a reader:

In the window at Orpheum Cleaners, Grand Blvd & Wyoming St , St. Louis, MO on Tuesday morning.

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  1. Andrew, medievalist says:

    Way too cool! I wonder how many double-takes the priest-photographer did?

  2. NoVA Man says:

    I believe this is where the dry-cleaned goods from the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales goes for a good cleaning.

  3. Flambeaux says:

    Che bella!

  4. Maureen says:

    How much is that vestment in the window?
    Oh, tell me that vestment is real!
    I tell myself, peering in the window,
    “It’s sinful to envy or steal.”

  5. RJSciurus says:

    I’m sure theTimman can help ID the owner…

  6. thetimman says:

    Thanks, RJ, but not one I immediately recognize. Perhaps one to be added to the rotation at de Sales. But we are fortunate to be in an Archdiocese where the TLM is not entirely rare, and there some OF parish priests more traditionally minded.

  7. Ah, I drove by there a half hour ago!

    I haven’t seen it at the Oratory either. But I’ve noticed that priests in our Archdiocese have been getting better vestments as of late, as has the local Catholic Supply store.

  8. inillotempore says:

    I hope that it is being cleaned for use, and not to be sold (as in from a church that is closing).

  9. Hildy Johnson says:

    I want to say “I bet I know *exactly* who that belongs to!”, but must recognize that some of the faces may have changed in the few years I’ve been gone. However, I would stake a fair amount of money on where it’s from. South Grand & Wyoming is very very close, maybe a mile or two, to the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales, which I used to live not five blocks away from and attend regularly. They love them some ornamental Marian blue on vestments there. (And if you’re ever there for an evening Mass, you should know that South Grand has the best Vietnamese and Thai food in the whole city!)

  10. Anita says:

    Love it Maureen! Not sure how many folks would know the original to that, but I did one of my first dance recital numbers to that tune, in pig tails of course.

  11. GordonBOPS says:

    Lol…for some reason when I saw that picture, I thought of the times when people see a design in a tree or on a window and see Jesus or the Blessed Mother. I chuckled to myself as I looked at it and said “I see the Blessed Mother!” — at least, in this case, it really is her!

  12. Gabriella says:

    A historical treasure ;)

  13. Timothy O'Rourke says:

    This brings up a question I have had for a while. Is it licit to wear blue vestments and/or those that have an image of the Virgin?



  14. Aelric says:

    We are an ad orientem Cleaners!

  15. John P. says:

    I actually know exactly where that cleaners is, it’s fairly close to my house. Neat to see Roman vestments so close to home!

    Thanks for sharing, Father.


  16. Laura Lowder says:

    Love that Roman sartorial excellence!

  17. The priest’s reflection is in the window, behind the camera, of course…

  18. Maureen says:

    That vestment’s not really blue, though. It’s white — with gold and blue trimmings, and a pretty picture as decoration.

  19. AlephGamma says:

    It’s probably Father Wiener’s, formerly of St. Margaret Mary.

  20. Snupnjake says:

    It could be from St. Cecilia’s or from St. Pius V. or St. Wencelus.

  21. Archbishop-elect Carlson apparently had some of his things moved over ahead of schedule. Huzzah!

  22. EDG says:

    Wonderful! Especially since I was depressed this morning because our CATHEDRAL has gotten new vestments that make it look as though the priests are celebrating mass in their bathrobes. You know, the tacky, floppy polyester number with the too-shiny gold thread in some geometric design that might, if you tilt your head to the side, hold your breath and look at it the right way, resemble a cross. Or maybe it’s a dove. Or maybe it’s Al Gore. Who knows.

  23. J. Basil Damukaitis says:

    Fiddleback or not. It’s ugly as sin. Let it stay there and never grace another sanctuary!!

  24. Rob Cartusciello says:

    To quote an Internet meme:


  25. Vernon says:

    Timothy O’Rourke: “Is it licit to wear blue vestments and/or those that have an image of the Virgin?”

    Unless there is a special indult (as I understand certain places have), blue vestments would not be licit as blue is not one of the six Liturgical Colours (white, red, green, violet, black, rose), nor an authorised substitute for white (ie gold or silver). Blue is, however, perfectly acceptable as a trimming colour for white vestments for use on Feasts of Our Lady.

    I am not aware of any prohibition on the use of an image of Our Lady on vestments, but prudence indicates that it should be used very sparingly and only on vestments reserved for use on Feasts of Our Lady – ie exactly on those vestments which may be trimmed with blue.

  26. Dr. Eric says:

    I wish you would have told me you were coming to the area, I would have taken you to Giovanni’s or something.

  27. Melody says:

    The Nobertines have a similar they bring out on Marian feast days. The beauty of it always astounds me.

    It occurred to me that the destruction of vestments must have been key to instituting versus populum. Vestments like this make the congregation want to look at Father’s back.

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