I received this fun e-mail from a reader:

Dear Fr. Z.,
The brood of black-capped chickadees in our bird box fledged on Pentecost Sunday. Four of them fledged within a 10 minute period. The fifth and last one delayed another 25 minutes before embarking upon the world outside of the nest box. I was able to catch a few snapshots of the grand event, which my family and I have looked forward to with great anticipation.
In one shot I’m sending the little guy is getting ready to make the big leap. In the other shot I captured the fledging’s first flight on his way to a nearby tree in the backyard.
It strikes me that there is a message for us in the fact that the Lord sent these little creatures forth on Pentecost Sunday.


I really enjoy the chickadees.  They are fearless!   They will often flutter down nearly on top of me as I refill the feeder.  I have learned to imitate their contact call and, in the morning and evening, I can whistle them in.  Sometimes I can get a little group to follow me around as I walk, if I don’t go too far from their zone.

Anyway… here are the photos sent with the e-mail:

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  1. karen says:

    I love chickadees, they were always my favorite bird. The climate I live
    in now is too warm for them (central Ill – go figure, crazy birds!)so I
    never see them anymore :(

  2. Jason says:

    Fr Z,

    I have to agree with you. Chickadees are fearless. I once saw 2 of them pestering a red-tailed hawk!
    I don’t know what the hawk had done, but they chased it away. Maybe they fledged on Pentecost too!

  3. Jason Keener says:

    Father Z, have you been able to get the friendly Black-capped Chickadees to eat out of your hand? I think you should try. With a little patience, it can be done. I might try it today.

  4. Chas. B. says:

    Father Z talks to the birds! Santo subito! ;)

  5. Kathy says:

    That’s weird. We have a family of barn swallows roosting over our front door. We watched them FINALLY take flight on Sunday too.

    I just finished reading a book about St. Francis and St. Clare to the kids. I think they’ll look even more favorably at the birdies now :)

  6. Amy says:

    So…will a future edition of “What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like” feature bird calls?

  7. Lioba says:

    Father Z — Do you know about the live feed from a nest of Red-Tailed Hawks on the side of the Franklin Institute science museum in downtown Philadelphia? I hope you and the WDTPRS fans will take a look at it (daylight hours only; google “Franklin Institute hawk nest”) before the three nestlings leave the nest in the next few days. There are lots of pictures of the eggs hatching, etc.

    Thank you for everything you do!


  8. Sandy says:

    Lioba, thank you for the tip! I just looked at the hawks and they’re beautiful. We have Red Tailed hawks in San Diego and I love to see them – so majestic. I always ask the angels to keep them safe and find them food :)

    And thank you, Father, as always, for all you do! I was thinking the other day that when I feel discouraged I can think of a blog like yours, Father, as a community of fellow believers. We know we are not alone and it brings me comfort.

  9. irishgirl says:

    Thank you for all your birdies postings, Fr. Z!

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