“But Father! But Father!… “

I am getting notes from people asking why I haven’t posted something on the consecration of Archbp. Augustine DiNoia the new Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

Simple: I have not seen it yet

I have it recorded, but haven’t watched it.

I have seen, however, a couple stages of the Tour de France.  The hill climbing stages are always interesting.

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  1. Jeremy UK says:

    .. as opposed to the “tour du Vatican!”

  2. Papabile says:

    Knowing Father DiNoia personally, and being there, I could see that he was just happy that it was over. His humilty is admirable. Hearing his words, and knowing him, one know that they are true, and his humility is genuinely real.

    Pray for him. He wants those prayers, and he will need them.

  3. One is only consecrated once, Papabile! Why shouldn’t one enjoy it? What is happening is awesome and good. It is an occasion of great beauty, especially if it is done using the Pre Vatican II Pontifical. It seems rather puritanical to suggest that the new archbishop should be glad when it is over.

  4. Alban says:

    David I understand Papabile perfectly. There are some people who are just incredibly humble and do not like being in the spotlight, regardless of the ocassion. Throughout the history of Christianity there has always been a trend for these people towards monasticism and ascetic hermetism. In the case of Bp Di Noia, his calling may have drawn him away from what he feels most comfortable with so that he can serve a higher good.

  5. Papabile says:


    I wasn’t suggesting that he should be happy it was over, more that he WAS happy it was over.

    He never aspired to this, seek it out, nor did he particularly want it. I know him well enough to know that he accepted it because the Vicar of Christ called him to it.

    He needs our prayers, and I know he wants them.

  6. Neri says:

    Papabile has it correct. I also know Archbishop Augustine and he is happy that the “fuss” is over. You can see it in his face and he said as much in person. All the people and engagements and the nutty details can drain a person. THE thing he asked of me was to pray for him. AND I asked for his prayers. SO, I pray for him and he I: the solicitude of brothers. The beauty of his ‘Yes” and the beautiful witness of the sacred Liturgy was striking.

  7. Séamas says:

    I could tell he was uncomfortable throughout. I wasn’t really sure why, until I heard his short but beautiful and truthful comments at the end. Then I understood.

    I also knew that I liked this man.

    And I added him to my prayer list.

  8. Father,

    I have posted a 2004 NYT article regarding Archbishop de Noia and the John Kerry fiasco on my blog.

    I will also pray for the Archbishop.

    K. C.

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