So far I have had 17 SMS messages on the new UK mobile number from people saying “hi” and suggesting sites to see!


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  1. viennaguy says:

    Father Z, are you celebrating any public Masses in London we can come to?

  2. I think I have an early Mass (Novus Ordo in English) tomorrow morning at St Bede’s.  I will be helping there during the week.  I don’t have anything more exotic at this point.  I suppose I could say a TLM on a day when I don’t have a parish Mass for some people.

  3. Matthew says:

    I gotta hand to Fr Z. He is a gutsy man giving out his number to the public like that.

  4. Hi Father,

    If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you might check out As You Like It playing at the Globe. Nothing like being among the groundlings in the open air, don’t you know.

    I’ve heard tell that they used to sell oranges during performances at the original Globe in Elizabeth’s time, both to slake the crowd’s thirst and cut down on the stench of London’s assembled undesirables. And in a pinch, an orange rind can encourage a particularly hammy Hamlet to get on with the scene, wot?

  5. Al says:

    Welcome, welcome as always. It’s a good feeling whenever Fr Z is somewhere out there in the metropolis, even if he is staying the wrong side of the river :-)

  6. Graham says:

    I’m in the next parish (and same Deanery) to Fr Chris – St Anselm’s, Tooting Bec.

    A couple of stops from from St Bede’s – Clapham South on the Northern Line to Tooting Bec.

  7. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Any slight chance you will be in Oxford this week? We are still coming down off our high over the good news about J.H. Cardinal Newman and the singing of the Te Deum at the Oratory. I’ll stand you for a pint at the Eagle and Child (or Lamb and Flag).


  8. Denis: Sorry… this weekend keeps me in London.

  9. Peter: I know about the Globe and was there once. I would LOVE to take in a play while here.

    I understand that there are free tours of the Rose site next weekend!

  10. Matthew: I am not worried about this UK number being out there. Besides, I had to change my number and this is a fast way to get it out to my acquaintances here. And if people want call or send SMSs … okay.

  11. Brendan says:

    Just wondering if you are going to be in the UK for a while since you have a number just for that. What did you have before, just an Italian number?

  12. Welcome to Britain! If you were coming up to Scotland, my husband Benedict Ambrose and I would
    buy you dinner! Maybe next time?

  13. Graham said he belongs to the parish of “St. Anselm’s Tooting Bec”. What a lovely name!

    I know, of course, where the “Anselm” came from but whence cometh the name, “Tooting Bec”?

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