Seattle TLM alert

From a reader:

Fr. Saguto (FSSP) of North American Martyr’s Parish in Seattle has announced in this weekend’s bulletin that Archbishop of Seattle Alex J. Brunett  will assist from the throne at a Solemn TLM Mass in the Presence of a Bishop.  From the bulletin:

"Mark  your  calendars  now  to  attend  the  Solemn  Mass  to celebrate  our  first  patronal  feast  as  a  parish  on  Friday evening,  September  25,  at  7:30.  Archbishop  Brunett  has graciously  accepted  the  invitation  to  assist  at  the  Mass  from  the  throne  (otherwise  known  as  a  Solemn  Mass  in  the Presence  of  a  Bishop—an  impressive  ceremony).  Other  Fraternity clergy  will  be  in  attendance  as  well.  A  festive  dessert potluck  will  follow  which  will  provide  the  opportunity to greet the Archbishop at his first visit to the  new parish."

North American Martyrs Catholic Church is served by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter with the approval and blessing of the Most Reverend Alex J. Brunett, Archbishop of Seattle. All Masses and Sacraments are performed in the Latin usus antiquior of the Roman Rite.

I usually prefer to receive notes from people with the concrete information included, but I just don’t have time to rewrite everything that is sent to me.

This sounds like a good occasion and a shot in the arm for that community.



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  1. Excellent! I encourage everyone, especially those in Seattle, to thank Archbishop Brunett.

    Those who support the TLM are very grateful for its longtime supporters, but it is perhaps even more important to thank those bishops who have not always seemed excited about the TLM. If a bishop makes a major step towards the TLM and receives polite and sincere thanks for it, he may say to himself, “Maybe all those bad tales that [fill in the blank] told me about the TLM community were not completely accurate!”

  2. Steve K. says:

    North American Martyrs is a very nice community, I was on vacation in Seattle two weeks ago and went to Mass there. They do not have their own chapel and use one belonging to St. Alphonsus (I think). Fr. Saguto gave a very good sermon marking Fathers’ Day. It is nice to see them get such recognition, does anyone know if they are planning to build their own chapel?

  3. Matt says:


    They’re currently praying a weekly novena to the North American Martyrs for the intention of locating a site and building a new church. The parish is less than a year old, so I think they’re also still saving money to pay for it.

  4. LCB says:

    Readers in difficult dioceses should take note. There was a time when even the most optimistic would have said, “The Archbishop assisting at a Latin Mass in Seattle? Impossible.”

  5. Brian Thompson says:

    I am not a big EF guy myself. Dont get me wrong, I like it and it is beautiful and stunning, but it is to me yet one more preview of heavenly worship, just like the Divine Liturgy, or the NO done in a dignified manner. I go to them on occasion, intend to at least be capable of celebrating it in my future ministry, but wouldn’t hunt one down just to attend.
    However, this article just goes to show what I have always felt about His Excellency: he is hesitant to rock the boat over non-fundamental/preferential issue, committed to the principle of unity being worth any cost but truth (well, obviously given all the ecumenism), and is a loyal son of the Church. He does what the church needs. The EF is now taking root to once again become a normal component of Catholic culture and His Excellency knows that he is as much the NA Martyrs group’s bishop as he is of the far left communities of western Washington, and so he acts like it by ministering to them as well.

  6. Limbo says:

    Bishop assisting, and conferring confirmation at Solemn TLM in Wangaratta, Victoria Australia was pretty big news too ! [What part of Seattle is Wangaratta in, btw.]

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