Video of the Pontifical TLM of Card. Canizares at the Lateran

Gloria TV has a video of the 21 April Pontifical TLM at the Lateran Basilica.

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  1. fr.franklyn mcafee says:

    Fr.Z,what do you think on controversy over the second confiteor.Some places do it others dont even though it was dropped in the 62 missal.Cardinal Hoyos celebrated mass where it was done and now the Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship celebrates Mass with it.It cant be justified by claiming custom since from what I have read these Franciscans only recently chose the use the EF.What a great choice Pope Benedict made with Card. Canizares. However (not to nitpic)he omitted the genuflection before the elevation.Also I understood that the organ could play quietly during the elevation (hence the brief musical compositions called ‘Elevations’ popular with the French) but this was rather lengthy and unquiet although beautiful.

  2. Jim says:

    I want to cry because this Holy Mass was so beautiful and gave due honor to our Risen Lord. May the Holy Eucharist cleanse us from our sins and bring us to life everlasting. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

  3. Fr. Franklyn: I like punctuation and spacing.

    What do I think of the Second Confiteor?

    I don’t think it should be done, since in most cases when using the 1962MR… well…it should not be done.

    However, if as a celebrant I am at the altar and someone starts the Second Confiteor, I go along with it.

    I will wager that no one asked Card. Canizares before Mass whether they should do they Second Confiteor.

    At this point I will issue a warning.

    This is NOT going to be a discussion of the Second Confiteor. I will delete comments about this and perhaps even lock IP addresses out of the blog if people insist.

    Have a great day! o{]:¬)

  4. Joshua says:

    Thank you for posting the video, it was most certainly a beautiful Mass. I must confess however that I did feel sorry for his eminence, his mighty miter (a gorgeous one I might add) seemed to be giving him some difficuly :)

  5. Does anyone know who runs GloriaTV? Who are they aligned with?

  6. stigmatized says:

    it was so beautiful and perfect. i did not have any thoughts like “why are they doing that?” or “why is it so loud?” or “why is he saying those extra things?” or anything like that. when something is done as it is meant to be done you feel peace from it.

  7. gw says:

    This beautiful celebration allows me one tiny observation. Everything is beautiful paced. But there is so often a tendency in entrance processions to walk too closely together, so that the participants bunch up at the altar and have to stop while those ahead genuflect. If there were a space of at least seven or eight feet or so between, there would be a graceful flow in the procession. A minor point.

  8. Mitchell NY says:

    With the many celebrations in Rome using the books of 1962 I wonder if there are any rumors floating out there as to why the Holy Father has not celebrated publcally with these books to add his legitimate support behind the faithful…Not when is he going to, but why he hasn’t? This Mass by the Cardinal was splendid and I can just picture Pope Benedict XVI celebrating the same…I am sure I speak for all the faithful attached to this rite when I say we are so humbly thankful for these Cardinals and Bishops who support the Holy Father and his MP by celebrating this Mass, but sometimes we feel a bit leaderless when our Pope will only celebrate using one form of the rite. I mean no disrespect and am grateful for even having a TLM which I can attend, when many can not, but it recently came up in a conversation again while I was proudly speaking about the wonderful Pontifical Mass By Bishop Rifan in NYC and someone in the group said to me “The Pope celebrates the NO Mass because that is the form he believes in” I found the statement ignorant to say the least, but worse I did not know how to respond..It is not the first time I have heard that when trying to bring up the Tridentine Mass in general conversation..Many, many people think that if the Pope does not celebrate it, then it is somehow inferior or illegitimate. When trying to explain some of the difficulties surrounding a decision like that I am hit with “He is the Pope !~….And that I have no arguement for. Any advice? I would love to share these videos and my own knowledge of the Extraordinary form but seem to hit this roadblock often so keep much to myself..But as a Catholic I think it is fair to spread the faith and what I know but I have to be well prepared with my answers..I believe it would benefit many who complain about abuses etc. to show them something like this or even bring them with me to encounter the mystery of the TLM..I mean it has got to boil down to more than the “missing” papal court and Noble Guard.

  9. Why doesn’t the Pope celebrate a Pontifical Mass in the EF?

    Perhpas because the ceremony is incredibly more involved and elaborate than what you see here.

    As well, all the other prelates involved would need to know the Rite including a number of Cardinals.

  10. One should bear in mind that this Pontifical Mass is considerably less elaborate than the bishop of a small diocese would celebrate in his cathedral. This is the form used by lesser prelates such as auxiliary bishops because even a Cardinal is considerd to be, in effect, a lesser prelate when he celebrates in the diocese of Rome.

    There are any number of awkwardnesses and downright errors, not least the Cardinal does the elevations with only one genuflection as in the OF. He may very well never have celebrated even a simple Low Mass as a priest in the EF and what was once done smoothly in a parish church (I know this. I once served as MC for just such a Mass with no notice when the assigned MC didn’t show up) is now strange and new.

    The awkwardness and mistakes serve to emphasize what a momentous step is being taken here in restoring, after going on half a century, what had been cast away.

    It is interesting to note that the cardinal is wearing even the buskins and sandals (the white silk shoes and stockings) which priviledge was first given by the Emperor Constantine to Pope St. Sylvester I in the 4th cent. around the time of the Edict of Toleration. They are the colour of the Mass and until 1968 were worn by every bishop when pontificating. But a tradition, even going back to the 4th cent. A.D. meant nothing in 1968.

    And as I alluded to in my posting above, if this beautiful Mass is the Mass of a lesser prelate, image what a Papal Mass would be like. Lets not be too impatient

  11. Quote, from me: “He may very well never have celebrated even a simple Low Mass as a priest…”

    Actually when I lay in bed after finishing this last posting I remembered that the Cardinal, in fact, has celebrated Pontifical
    Mass at the ICRP seminary in Grichliano and conferred Holy Orders.

    However, this does not mitigste my point that it will be rough at first reviving these beloved tradtions.

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