Victoria & Albert

This sprawlng warren is full of treasures.

Here are some images for a friend.

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  1. cordelia says:

    Chihuly must have one heck of a PR guy. he’s everywhere.

  2. irishgirl says:

    That blue thingy looks like someone’s hair [yeah, I know I said the same thing about the restaurant photo].

    The middle painting is definitely a Pre-Raphaelite…Rossetti, maybe? Millais?

    The last one looks like a Constabile….

    I never went to the V&A-I concentrated more on the London Oratory and Harrods. Loved the book department at Harrods….and the food court, too!

  3. Cordelia,

    I completely agree.

    It seems to me that Chihuly has quite a monopoly on glass chandeliers and other designs. Why don’t we hear from other glass artists more often.

  4. Matthew says:

    The second painting is definitely a later Rossetti. I looked it up, and it’s called “The Day Dream.” The mode is likely Jane Morris, the wife of William Morris

  5. Maureen says:

    I still remember the remarkable module published in Dragon Magazine, in which a party of adventurers finds itself transported from Greyhawk to London, searching for an artifact of St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel inside the V&A.

  6. swiftavila says:

    Chihuly is pretty ubiquitous. There’s an almost identical glass sculpture in the atrium of the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

    I’m adding Victoria and Albert to my list of “museums I NEED to visit!”

  7. Flabellum says:

    The last one looks more like a Turner.

  8. I have ambitions of someday doing the V&A right – actually having enough time to go back again and again for several days in a row!

    Hasn’t happened yet :(

  9. caleb1x says:

    Interesting. When I see the Pre-Raphaelites and Turner, I think Tate, not V & A.

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