another grrrrr update

As you know I have been having some rather serious computer problems. Last week I managed to back up some files when I had gotten it working for a while. Then it crashed again and I decided to let it rest over the weekend.

Tonight I got it working again. I used a key finder program to dig up my important program keys. Now I am doing a complete backup. Hopefully it will keep running to the end. Then I suspect I will have to reinstall everything.


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  1. becket1 says:

    Fr. From someone who uses both Windows and Linux and has reinstalled operating system plenty of times. My advice!
    1. Backup Everything
    2. Do a fresh clean install of Windows on either a whole partition or split partition your drive. One for Windows and second for backup
    3. Then Reinstall all drivers, ex: video card, soundcard, modem, etcc
    4. After drivers reinstall all backup data, unless you keep it like me on a separate drive
    5. Then begin reinstalling your apps
    6 Then after apps installed, do a quick disc cleanup, then defragment your drive. Both disc cleanup and defragment under Accesories, System Tools.
    7. Finally install antivirus. Try AVG Free or Avast Personnel. Both are free and powerful. But ONLY install one Antivirus!.
    8. Then install Spyware or Malware software like Spybot etcc.
    9. Finished Happy Computing!.

  2. becket1 says:

    Many Windows tech users usually re-install Windows from scratch a least one a year. Windows does slow down over time. Linux doesn’t really have that problem. This is why a Backup plan is crucial and separate partitions are preferred. Windows itself usually doesn’t take long to install. It’s the updates and re-installing apps that do. I like to keep free apps, like Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Reader, AVG Antivirus, and current drivers, in a backup folder, separate from the operating system partition. When a new version comes out. I just delete replace old with new. and if I ever have to do a clean install, then it is there on a separate partition or backup drive. No need to re-download anything.


  3. becket1 says:

    One more thing Fr. Do not activate Windows until you are pretty sure everything is alright. Give a couple of weeks. You will be prompted, but after a few weeks you will know that everything is going ok, then activate online. I dread phone calls to Microsoft.

    Under #2 of my first post after installing Windows, install your updates before installing drivers and apps. It is best to have Windows working well first before adding drivers and apps.

  4. Jack Hughes says:

    When I was having problems re-installing the drivers for my graphics card St Ilsodore of Seville was a big help.

  5. The Digital MC says:

    Poor Father. I hope you get everything up and running without any problems!

  6. Torpedo1 says:

    poor Father. I know how you feel, but it’s not with my entire computer this time, just my screen reader. Memo to Freedom Scientific. When you update a product, it’s supposed to be better, not worse. JFW 10 is stable, but not like 6.2 was, why it keeps crashing I don’t know… sigh. Maybe I’ll cross the screen-reader border and just go to Window-eyes…

  7. Random Friar says:

    My father is a gentleman and a scholar. That said, when he was working in the computer industry (in the days of giants…literally, the computers were HUGE then — this was before PCs), I had never seen a man pound on something so angrily in my life. I knew that when the personal computer revolution came to our homes, our society was in for a downgrade.

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