Life on Mars and PVS

I have written about the unconscious state of some patients called usually "persistent vegetative state".  Here is one piece I wrote. Another.

Just recently I have been watching the UK version of Life on Mars.  The series brought back to my mind the plight of PVS patients and how they are treated.

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  1. ckdexterhaven says:

    There’s a good show on Discovery (health?) channel every once in a while. It’s called “The man who slept 18 years” This man was in a car accident, and was in a PVS for 18 years. His mother NEVER gave up on him. She took him everywhere she went, brought him out in the living room every day. He sat outside with the family during bbq’s etc. She talked to him just like a “normal” person. One day, 18 years later he “woke up.” He remembers what his mother did for him during all those years. Of course, he isn’t 100% right now, and never will be, but his life is precious, and his mother didn’t listen to the people who told him he was a vegetable.

    *I’m not exactly sure on the title, but it’s close to that.

  2. hald says:

    In case you are not aware the UK version of Life on Mars has a follow on show called Ashes to Ashes. (Well they did even if you are aware, but … … …)

  3. hald: My problem is that I can’t get my hands on Season 2 of Life on Mars.

  4. Davidtrad says:

    My wife and I are down to the last two episodes of the UK version. Waiting on the Netflicks to arrive.

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