A Wistful Slice

I am listening to an album recommended on air by Hugh Hewitt.

It was released today.

Five For Fighting, called Slice.


He played a few cuts on his radio show before the official release.


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  1. Patrick J. says:


    Although I like the HH show, very much, I can’t say I enjoy Hugh’s musical taste so much, and this is fairly typical, MOR rock. I have yet to hear him promote outside of this basic genre. One cut I did find interesting. track 7, Transfer. Otherwise, cookie cutter singer/songwriter rock.

    I do find your taste in music, Fr. Z, impeccable, your podcast be evidence, but I just can’t quite get with this one. I do like some rock, some. Dylan, Hendrix come to mind, just some of the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Animals.

  2. Patrick: So.. that’s a no vote.

  3. Jenny says:

    Instapundit did an interview with John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting last week:


  4. Patrick J. says:

    I did not recognize the artist as the creator of the song “Superman.” I did think that was very good, the video was kewl as well, an I am not much into videos, not much at all. I also like the premise for the new album – dunno why the new one, to me, is less appealing. Just less original sounding, I guess, as I said, struck me as “cookie cutter.”

  5. Craig says:

    Thanks for the tip Father! I’m downloading the album off iTunes as I type this.

    BIG fan of “Superman” and I think that “100 Years” is pure pop genius (it brings back memories of a dear older friend who passed on 2 years ago).

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