Off to another point on the list

I had lunch with a friend and a walk along East River.

Now uptown to see the Frick Gallery where I believe there is a Duccio!


A visit to the spectacular St Vincent Ferrer on Lexington.

This time I didn’t have to walk by the Grand Sichuan! I have time for a quick bite before the concert which is about 5 minutes walk from here. Typical Chinese restaurant: hot, crowded, and noisy!


Singapore Mai Fun and Sichuan Wonton Soup… 15 minutes to eat and a few more to the theatre!

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  1. P.McGrath says:

    What about the famous Holbeins of St. Thomas More and Thomas Cranmer, which face each other in one of the galleries of the Frick? (Which I have seen myself many years ago.)

  2. Margaret says:

    Good grief. I’m a native New Yorker living out west for many years now. I never knew the More painting was in the city. Now I need to get to the Frick next time I visit my mom…

  3. Rachel says:

    I had no idea that More painting was in our country! That’s the real deal and not a copy? Wow!

    It’s one of my favorite paintings ever.

  4. GregH says:

    St Vincent Ferrer is probably the best church in America. Just ask Matt of the Holy Whapping.

  5. Rachel: Yes it is here! It is one of the reasons why I went. You would not believe what it is like in person. The velvet on the sleeves is amazing and I have never seen such a texture with fur. You very much get a sense of the man and what the artist thought of him. Remarkable. On the other, I don’t think he liked Cromwell … just a guess.

    Worth the admission price for this alone, but the other holdings, not to mention the house itself, are wondeful.

  6. Re: More portrait

    I didn’t know that, either! And even the little picture you’ve posted has a lot of details I’ve never seen before. Awesome!

  7. wanda says:

    The art is great but I would like that bowl of wonton soup!

  8. wanda: Happily, both are possible.

  9. irishgirl says:

    I love that portrait of St. Thomas More! Holbein’s paintings could almost pass for photographs!

    I had no idea it was here in America…very cool!

    That wonton soup looks delish, Father Z….yum!

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