Sermon about prayer for dead priests

Last Thursday in New York City I had the privilege of being celebrant for a Solemn TLM Requiem which was offered in a special way for deceased priests.  It was a First Friday, in the week following All Souls, during the Year for Priests.

At the end of Mass and before the Absolution, I was asked to give a sermon.  I focused on the need to pray for priests, living and especially deceased.

At the very beginning, the mic started to give some feedback, so we had to stop for a moment and turn it is.  I cut out a small section as a result.

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  1. Mike says:

    Fr. Z, what a wonderful intention. Our Paster, Fr. Bill Finch, a convert, died right after Mass on Holy Thursday evening, collapsing by a statue of St. Joseph, patron of a Holy Death. Fr. Bill, age 55, died of a heart attack, and was annointed by one of our priests. “I’m going now…” were his last words. 70 priests, and Archbishop Wuerl, attended his Funeral Mass (in Rockville, MD). He is deeply missed, but the timing of his death, its providential nature, makes the whole thing really amazing.

    Our Lord really is running the show; he’s just not a control-freak!

  2. wanda says:

    At your urging, we’ve added a petition to the Prayer of the Faithful, for all deceased priests who have served God in our Parish over our 40 years of existence. Thank you Fr. Z. for the suggestion.

  3. FrCharles says:

    Your sermon, Father, helped me to remember to pray in these days for the eternal rest of Fr. Leo Sutula of the diocese of Norwich,who gave me my first Holy Communion and also heard a first confession six days later. Requeiscat in pace.

  4. ckdexterhaven says:

    Fr. Z, thank you for the reminder earlier in the week to pray for our deceased priests. It is done and done.

  5. wanda says:

    I’m grateful for the chance to hear your homily, Fr. Z. I’ll be keeping you and all Priests, living and deceased, in my daily prayers. (Humble little crumbs though they be.)

  6. mrsmontoya says:

    Father, I offered my Thursday rosary (Luminous Mysteries) for all priests, those I remembered by name either living or passed on, and all others as well. I do this every Thursday though.

  7. Liz F says:

    I too appreciate the reminder to pray for not only the poor souls, but that of the poor souls of priests. I noticed that our pastor has almost all the masses this week for deceased priests.

  8. ssoldie says:

    That is why I send all Mass’s to the T.L.M., ‘Gregorian Rite’ Priet’s, “Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine”. Everyone should read the Traditional Requiem Mass, could open some eyes, as to why we traditionalist’s hold it in such high esteem.

  9. xsosdid says:

    I have been thinking recently about (and praying for) a priest friend I had, Father Charles Campbell, who died about ten years ago. During his decline he was in great pain from arthritis, and couldn’t care for himself, so I would bring him soup (I found out the hard way that he hated cabbage!). I have wonderful memories of a good man and a unique and beautiful friendship.He would sometimes invite me in and, in a little room he had, he would put on his vestments and say mass, just for the two of us! I would do the readings.
    My own father had died a couple years previous, and the wife from his second marraige treated me rather badly at the funeral. It was a very lonely experience. Somehow Father Charlie and I found each other in our mutual need and helped each other through.

    I agree we should pray for and care for our priests.

  10. q7swallows says:

    Beautiful, touching homily, Fr. Z; I realize now I have been completely and miserably remiss in praying for all the priests who have been placed in my life and unappreciative of their sacrifices for me–for all of us. They administered Baptism & the other sacraments to me, offered so many Masses for me, forgiven me countless sins, taught & counselled me so much, and generally went through a life of tough sacrifices and what have I done for them? If I threw the whole of my life under the bus, it wouldn’t begin to counter the weight of one single Mass that any one of them offered on a bad day. [tears]

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