There are lots of hungry Chickadees at the feeders these days.  They are among my favorites, probably because they are nearly fearless.

Here is a little focus on Chickadees.

Windy day.



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  1. Maltese says:

    Here’s another priest-poet who was keenly interested in birds (among many other things):

  2. Maltese: Many priests in centuries past were natural philosophers, you know, and did a lot of collecting and categorizing of new species.

  3. Melania says:

    What beautiful little birds. It’s a pleasure to look at them … although all that snow prompts maternal feelings of concern. I’m glad you’re feeding them.

  4. An American Mother says:

    The only thing more fearless than a Chickadee is a Carolina Wren.

    I think the only thing they disagree about is which tribe of birds OWNS this house and the birdfeeders.

    A pair of Carolina Wrens takes over the Christmas wreath on our front door every year and sets up housekeeping in it. I’m always sorry when I take it down on Epiphany. Maybe we should put up a grapevine wreath and just let them go ahead and raise a family there. We could use the side door . . . .

  5. Supertradmom says:

    Thank you–my favorite North American bird

  6. Maltese says:

    Father Z, indeed, the father of modern genetics comes to mind: Father Mendel:

  7. Aw, they’re so cute! :D

  8. staggering but still standing says:

    A little more than a year ago my husband died. Each winter he had a couple of bird feeders which were never let go empty. This year, I have not been able to manage to follow his usual pattern. Next year, though…. Chickadees were his favorites. Because I have double vision, I have to use a small pair of binoculars and one eye to see the birds. He would call me to come to the kitchen window, so that I could enjoy what he had spyed. I delight in viewing your pictures so very much, and my heart is full of the many times he gave me such joy. Thank you.

  9. Neophyte says:

    This site is Awesome, People Friendly, Bird Friendly, Squirrels…..SORRY!

  10. irishgirl says:

    Awww-so cute!

    Love the fifth one down-looks like something you’d see on a Christmas card!

    ‘All you feathered fowls, praise the Lord’….

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