Wherein Fr. Z muses about Latin and the vernacular and mirages

In the poll I posted about preference for language of Holy Mass in the Latin Rite, Latin is pasting the vernacular.

Anyone can vote in that poll… registered to comment here or not.

In the entries I have been posting with your feedback about your age and your preference for the Ordinary Form or TLM, the TLM has a great deal of support.

I am wondering if… among those who care… who have thought things through… there is a great deal more support out there for Latin, at least Latin if not the Extraordinary Form, than I previously expected.

I know there is a good percentage of readers here who are great proponents of the TLM, etc. 

I expected a great deal more support for the Novus Ordo and for vernacular than I am seeing.

Thus, I ask…. where is it?  Where are the thoughtful supporters of the vernacular?

Is this huge support of the vernacular simply a mirage?  Progressivist propaganda which over the years has become the unassailable default position?

Again, I am sure that if people are posting on a blog, they have probably thought about this a little.  There are swarms of people out there who have barely even heard of this issue, much less thought about it.

Still… again, I am forced to wonder, do the results I am getting suggest that Latin introduced into parish worship more widely would meet with a pretty good reception?  Yes, there will be a strong voice against it anywhere you go.  But… in the main….

I wonder.

We are, after all, talking about how truly to help people come to a fuller, more active, more conscious participation at Holy Mass.

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