Your good news

Do you have some good news to pass along to otherwise shell-shocked readers?

I will start it off.  It turns out that after lots of tests my mother does not have bone cancer after all.  Pretty good news.

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  1. Supertradmom says:

    I am happy for you, Father Z, and for your mom. I am a cancer survivor. The entire testing process can be stressful. God bless you both.

  2. Frank H says:

    Great news for your mother and you! Prayers of thanksgiving will be offered!

  3. JosephMary says:

    Yes, it looks like May Marian mission will happen at our parish and also the groundwork for increased adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is being laid. May it please God to grant us perpetual adoration!

  4. JohnMa says:

    Great news Father!!!

    One of my friends from high school got accepted to the Carmelite Nuns up in Wisconsin and will start her vocation on March 17!

  5. Bornacatholic says:

    In late Feb, early March, I’m going to Rome with my wife. I will have tickets to Mass and the Wed Audience and then, after a few days in Rome, it’s on to Florence and Venice.

    And on the way home from our Holiday we will likely be blown-up by a Muslim on Jihad and so we won’t have to worry about charging too much money during our trip.

  6. The Egyptian says:

    no wonder you have seen so preoccupied lately, congratulations and continued good luck with your mother, they are precious.

    is the line good luck inappropriate?

  7. TNCath says:

    Very good news about your mother, Father Z.

    More good news? Well, my grandmother turned 100 years old last Saturday!

  8. momoften says:

    My best friend just had baby 9– six weeks early. Had to have an emergency C section, and thank God had a priest there, and avoided a possible tragic situation.Baby and mother doing well. God is good!
    Glad to hear your news Father!!!!

  9. Fr. Z —

    Rather than good, wouldn’t you call your news bone-a?

  10. Flambeaux says:

    I figured out that I can make it to daily mass at the nearest FSSP chapel and still make it to work on time.

    My children are, bit by bit, learning the rudiments of the Faith and how to behave at Mass.

    My wife’s current pregnancy continues to go well.

    Happy to hear the good news, Father. Prayers continuing.

  11. Nathan says:

    Father, re your mother’s health: Praised be Jesus Christ!

    In Christ,

  12. MAJ Tony says:

    The new, young, orthodox priests are bringing back tradition. Fr. John Silva, newly appointed pastor of St. John the Evangelist, Daylight, Indiana (just outside Evansville, in the southwestern corner of the state) let the parishoners return all the artifacts from the old church, which had been abandoned to a coal mine in the 80s, to the new church. The old pastor, an apparent product of the “Spirit of Vat II” nonsense, only allowed the stained glass windows and a few statues return, and had a cross sans corpus. shows that not only does the church now have it’s crucifix, but also the old high altar, and stations of the cross, the 6 high altar candles, etc. that were kept by the parish faithful. Fr. Silva was in choir dress at my cousin’s ordination at St. Meinrad in 2006. Here’s a big Army “Hooah!” for cassocks and surplices, and Catholic Tradition.

    My aforementioned cousin, Fr. Paul Nord, OSB, is studying at Pontifical Biblical Institute, currently on exchange to Hebrew U. in Jerusalem until sometime in Feb.

    Fr. Michael Magiera, FSSP, a former opera singer from Philadelphia, assoc pastor of Holy Rosary, Indianapolis, sang the National Anthem for the Colts vs. Jets game recently.

    Please remember them and all priests in your prayers.

  13. Jack Hughes says:

    I’m now attending the local FSSP parish (two hours travel) every sunday

  14. EoinOBolguidhir says:


  15. Moreorapronobis says:

    The Holy Spirit has moved one such Anglican soul to take up the Holy Father’s generous and wonderful offer in Anglicanorum Coetibus. Te Deum, laudamus!

  16. Melania says:

    I’m very happy to hear your good news. Waiting for test results can be agonizing.

    My father’s funeral and burial were beautiful. It brought our family closer together. A friend who had been alienated from our circle showed up at the vigil, funeral and reception because he had such respect and love for my father. In the course of this, he reconnected with us and had a great time talking to family and friends at the reception. Lots of healing occurred and I’m very grateful. My father, I’m sure, is pleased and had been praying for this.

  17. An American Mother says:

    Excellent news, Father Z. Prayers for you both.

  18. PatrickV says:


    I give thanks to God for your news.

    Here in the Piedmont we can be happy for a resolved health issue, and a couple of people who might have lost their jobs found better positions within the company.

    And, best of all, God is good, very, very good. Praised be Jesus Christ, now, and forever!

  19. irishgirl says:

    Wow Father Z-I’m glad that your mother’s tests came out fine! Deo Gratias!

    I’m a cancer survivor too-it’s now four years since my surgery.

    MAJ Tony-hey, that’s so cool about the FSSP priest singing the National Anthem at the Jets-Colts game! Did he wear his blacks-he must have! I would have loved to hear him sing! [too bad Peyton Manning & Co. didn’t win]

  20. Argent says:

    Our friend, QM, has arrived at the monastery to begin her postulancy!

  21. bnaasko says:

    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Littleton, CO will be having a Solemn High Mass for the Epiphany tomorrow at 6:00pm.

  22. wanda says:

    Deo Gratias! Wonderful news for your Mother and you, Father.
    Continued health, happiness and Grace in the New Year to Mom and to you, Father.

  23. Mariana says:

    That’s wonderful, Father!

  24. tihald says:

    Wonderful news Father.

    I wrote a thank you note to Bishop Cholby here in Nashville thanking him for providing the EF one a month at Assumption. He graciously wrote back and said that he looks forward to making it more widely available. Brick by brick.

  25. MAJ Tony says:

    In such a hurry, I didn’t read Fr. Z’s news. Having lost my paternal Grandmother to multiple myeloma at age 9, I know how devastating such diseases can be, and Deo Gratias for your mother’s clean diagnosis.

  26. a catechist says:

    My kids-ages 6 & 4–asked if I knew any Christmas hymns in Latin, and would I please teach them?

  27. An American Mother says:


    Teach them the “Gaudete” from Piae Cantiones. It’s about the only Latin hymn I know that’s been covered by a rock band.

    We sing it every Christmas (all the verses) but NOT in the rock ‘n’ roll version.

  28. tioedong says:

    It’s the feast of the Three Kings: Our town is having a fiesta!

    Couldn’t get into Mass: too many people, so we sat outside with a lot of folks with fidgety kids and the vendors, of course.

  29. Random Friar says:

    Praise be to God indeed for your mother’s health! May she have a blessed New year!

  30. Girgadis says:

    Glad to hear the good news about your mom, Father Z. Sometimes, the most painful thing for any child, parent, spouse, etc is the not knowing. Even when an answer isn’t what we hoped for, there are times when just having an answer is a gift unto itself. I thank God that your answer was what you hoped it would be.

  31. stjoeky says:

    Wonderful news for you and your dear mother. I am a four year cancer survivor myself.

    A miracle occurred here for our family. Not only did my 28 year old daughter give birth to a healthy baby girl on Thanksgiving Day despite having breast cancer and undergoing chemo during pregnancy…but she also found another lump, had an ultrasound, was told it was a recurrence but after a weekend of prayer from every prayer group we could think of, her PET scan was clean. No more lump!!! Praise God!

  32. Norah says:

    Wonderful news about your mum father.

    It is my daughter’s second wedding anniversary today – 6 January.

    Our Pastoral Associate will be bringing me Holy Communion today.

  33. Agnes says:

    I’m glad your mom-Z doesn’t have bone cancer.

    The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Kids are back to school. CCD starts up again next week. I’m more than halfway through Moral Theology A and signing up for my second to last class, Vocation and Mission of the Laity (oh really), from Catholic Distance University, . I will graduate with my BAT about the same time my oldest graduates from high school. :-)))

  34. Great news on your mother Father Z.

    I start my Deacon formation this weekend. Just five years to go!

  35. Clinton says:

    Father, I’m very glad for you both. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to wait for those test results. Wonderful news.

  36. Allan S. says:

    I have no good news but am hoping for some: I go for another CT scan on Jan. 20 and will learn the results the following week. Pancreatic Cancer tends to come back in year 2, and this is my year 2 so…I am hoping for no metastatic tumors in my liver. Praying actually (which feels good, since I couldn’t pray for a while there). As a Christian I am a work in progress, and I will be the first to admit that I am often not a very good Catholic.

    I would like to say how amazing it is to read all of the GREAT news out there from mothers who have posted. Fr. Z’s own mother dodging the cancer bullet is especially gratifying. Hearing about people who beat these things is so utterly empowering you can’t imagine. I know the weight that gets lifted from family members when good news comes from doctors.

    Congratulations again to the moms!

  37. Bryan says:

    After some fits and starts…have finally engineered my internet radio stream (Catholic Information Radio…) to a reasonably stable and clean state. It’s out there, and am developing sources of original programming to be presented on a regular basis.

    When it’s ready to launch (need to finalize permissions from some content providers…), will announce…:)

  38. Great news about your mother!

    My parish in the Diocese of Camden recently merged with a parish formerly named St. John Meumann. In honor of his feast day yesterday, beginning Sunday night we had 40 Hours devotion, and it was extremely well attended. I went several times throughout the days, and every time there were a significant number of people there. Monday and Tuesday night we had Vespers, and the preaching was done by a Fr. Carbanaro [sic] from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and it was orthodox and inspiring. The very large church was over half full for Vespers each night, on a Monday and a Tuesday, and were exposed to (mostly) very traditional liturgy. It was beautiful and prayerful and hopefully very fruitful…

    Also, in speaking with one of the priests with whom I am friendly, who is studying the EF froim Fr. Paisley at Mater Ecclesiae, he informed me of some of the changes they are making at our church, so that the liturgies will more and more resemble the liturgies of the Holy Father, even down to the setup of the altar. I found this very encouraging.

  39. Mary Kay says:

    Fr. Z, glad to hear your mom doesn’t have bone cancer.

  40. MAJ Tony says:

    Forgot: One of my (now former) fellow parishioners, and loyal TLM attendee and also daily mass server, Matt Siefker, recently entered the Golgotha Monastery of the Transalpine Redemptorist in Papa Stronsay, Scotland, as a novice. Matt is a former Indianapolis police officer, whose white unmarked Crown Vic was often seen in the Holy Rosary parking lot. Please remember him in your prayers.

  41. ejcmartin says:

    Great to hear about your mother, Father.

    I was doing some family research and found out that a my Great Great Uncle was an Anglican Vicar and converted to Rome in 1895. The rest of the family remained Anglican for over a hundred years until my conversion in 2003!

  42. wanda says:

    Will attend the Baptism of a little boy who had the most dreadful series of birth defects (internal) that I had ever heard of. Literally thousands of people have prayed for him since birth, been with him and his family in all sorts of ways, through I don’t know how many surgeries, procedures, tests, etc. The baby boy spent the first 6 mo. of life in hospital.

    Long & incredible story..little one is now home, learning to walk, talk, sit, eat, play, etc.
    He is a little over 1 year old now, just had his first Christmas at home with his loving, strong and FAITH-filled family. Praise be to God.

  43. DominiSumus says:

    I am so happy to hear about your mom. May she have many more years.

    My good news that it looks like this summer I will be working on a MA in Theology with a concentration in Liturgy and Sacraments. The theology chair has agreed and I have a professor willing to work and another I haven’t spoken with yet. I( am so excited for the opportunity to not only study Liturgy, but to study under good professors.

  44. Melody says:

    I’m going to an anime convention in Los Angeles tomorrow, and there’s a church right around the corner where I can attend mass on Sunday morning. Pray it’s with an orthodox priest!

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