The Feeder Feed: sacred arts edition

The Feeder Feed finds me again at the Metropolitan Museum… the air-conditioned Metropolitan.

Eucharistic Dove in gilded copper with enamel and glass beads from Limoges from 1215-35.

This would have hung over the altar.  There is a tear shaped door on the back where there is a cavity where the Eucharist was preserved.

Also, we see here an embroidered 18th century chasuble from Italy.

There are birds.  One we can identify quickly.

This one… not sure…

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  1. wanda says:

    Un-speakably beautiful vestment. There must have been saints and angels helping with that beautiful work. I’ve never seen anything like it, such detail, hard to believe it was done by hand. The Dove is amazing, never heard or seen anything like it. God bless the makers and the preservers of these treasures.

  2. patrick_f says:

    I am unfamiliar with the concept of a Eucharistic dove – I know of Peacocks in our symbology, and obviously a dove is the Holy Ghost – but as a tabernacle? Can anyone elaborate on it?

  3. Mashenka says:

    That’s right, Patrick: it’s what they call a “hanging pyx”. Here are some more:

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