The Pope’s new book for children

Did you hear that Holy Father has, inter alia, penned a book for children?

I am guessing it will become a bestseller.

This is a little book called Gli Amici di Gesù, The Friends of Jesus

It will be fairly short.  The art will be by Italian artist Franco Vignazia

I suspect it will be in English soon.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I’m buying this for our library as soon as it is available. Then I’m buying a copy for me, and a copy for my granddaughter.

  2. pattif says:

    I am reminded yet again of what Cardinal Meisner said about the Holy Father when he was elected: “He has the brain of twelve professors and the heart of a child on the day of his First Communion….”

    Al the better to articulate important concepts in words totally accessible to children (and big kids like me). Remember that encounter in the first year of his pontificate with the children of Rome who had made their First Holy Communion that year? Priceless.

  3. jaykay says:

    Ma…e Santo Padre e anche Santo Babbino! What good grandfather doesn’t love to tell stories to his grandchildren? What a beautiful Holy Father we have!

  4. Agnes says:

    What a wonderful Papa. It’s a book so many children will treasure! Thank you, Papa!

  5. It’s a chapter book — 48 pages — and it’s apparently a bunch of kid-friendly excerpts from the general audience talks on the Apostles and St. Paul. (???) I love those particular talks, but I’m having trouble picturing how this will work. Maybe the more story-like portions of the talks?

    Some of the artist’s work is online, and it looks really good. He seems versatile.

  6. Gail F says:

    Franco Vignazia is fantastic. I have bought his “Illustrated Catechism” as a gift for first communions AND confirmations — the way it’s put together, you can read it as a child or a teen or an adult. He has illustrated a number of other books in that same style but they are not readily available.

    I am looking forward to this book, unlike the weird ones about the pope and the cat, etc. Not my kind of book.

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