Does Speaker Pelosi’s hypocrisy have no limit?

Does the Speaker’s hypocrisy have no limit?

From CNA:

Speaker Pelosi avoids question about unborn Jesus’ right to life

Washington D.C., Aug 5, 2010 / 06:10 am (CNA).- Citing her previous references to the Incarnation, a journalist recently asked legal abortion supporter House Speaker [Catholic] Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at what point she believes Jesus acquired the right to life. However, she declined to answer the question, saying she’d rather talk about the subject “in church.”

At a July 29 press briefing a reporter with noted her remarks at the Catholic Community Conference on Capitol Hill, where she said that her favorite word was “the Word, as in the word made flesh.”  [READ THIS. Did the Speaker think people would forget?]

At the May 6 conference, Pelosi told her audience “you know the Gospel reference of the Word.” She added that people have to give voice to “what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the Word.”

She cited the Prologue to the Gospel of John’s description of Jesus Christ, “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

At last week’s press briefing reporter Jane McGrath asked: “So, when was the Word made flesh? Was it at the Annunciation, when Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, as the Creed says, or was it at the Nativity when he was born of the Virgin Mary? And when did the Word get the right to life?

Speaker Pelosi, a self-described Catholic, replied: “Whenever it was, we bow our heads when we talk about it in church, and that’s where I’d like to talk about that.”  [I think the Speaker has forgotten that St. Paul forbids women to speak in church. And what was that point the Lord made about…. what was it again… something about tepid….  There was that other thing too… if I could only recall… something about denying me and denying you.  Gosh.  Gotta look that up.] reports that it sought clarification from Speaker Pelosi’s press secretary Nadeam Elshami, asking in an e-mail what the speaker’s position is on the question “Did Jesus have the right to life from the moment of conception?

Elshami replied in an e-mail “The speaker answered the question. Thanks.”  [No.  The Speaker did NOT answer that question.   I think we should keep asking until she does.]

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that the Son of God assumed humanity and “made it his own, from his conception.” The Church also recognizes that the child has the right to life “from its conception.”

Speaker Pelosi favors legalized abortion and voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion.

WDTPRS applauds the journalists who put these questions to the Speaker.

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  1. Brian K says:

    Dear Archbishop Niederauer:

    Please read Canon 915.

    For the good of Nancy Pelosi’s soul.

    Even more so, for the good of your own.

  2. doanli says:

    Lord, have mercy on this woman’s soul and open her up to Your Truth, please.

  3. lucy says:

    It’s ineffable.

  4. JonM says:

    There are at least four bishops who have standing as it were to instruct Mrs. Pelosi.

    They are those who control the dioceses of San Francisco (Bishop of her official residence), Washington DC (Bishop of her primary place of work, government work at that), Chicago (Bishop who is the American Prelate and therefore well within his duties to instruct the most powerful elected Catholic), and Baltimore (Bishop of her hometown.)

    Nothing but the roaring of silence.

    Until she is ‘instructed’, I think it is her shepherds who are even more responsible for scandal.

  5. SimonDodd says:

    What Brian said. Where are Archbps. Wuerl and Niederauer? Has the Church not learned the brutal lesson about episcopal inaction that it has been taught over the last decade?

  6. cblanch says:

    I too have reached out to Archbishop Niederauer’s office via email on this subject and got the same old blah, blah, blah response. I wrote to him about how “loving” Ms. Pelosi who be not letting her eat and drink condemnation on herself. I guess I forgot to add how her nationalized example is pulling thousands of other Catholics down right along with her.

  7. patrick_f says:

    Liberals love to “Leave things in Church”, and only speak about things “In church”

    Why? Because decent Christians wont sack them there, and we are inclined to forgive even more in the presence of our Lord.

    I say she uses the church as a shield , in the WRONG way

  8. patrick_f says:

    And the word to use for her is Heretic , just saying

  9. Denise says:

    There is an interesting discussion at the Mirror of Justice Catholic legal blog concerning the place of self-described liberals in the Church, the authority of bishops, and the role of conscience.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    This talking about religion “in church”, which Pelosi stated clearly above, is in keeping with both Potus and Clinton’s efforts to change the First Amendment to “Freedom of worship”, rather than “Freedom of Religion”. In the word change, a popular liberal device in the Church and in politics, one manipulates truth by manipulating definitions. I have told students in the past that when people change definitions, pay attention, as that indicates a radical agenda.

    So, we shall end up with the right to go to Church on Sunday, but not to speak in the market place. Pay attention to this propaganda and how changing the phrases will change the reality. Pelosi knows what she is doing and is responsible for her own actions, although the bishops clearly have a responsibility to correct her through excommunication. We do not want anyone to lose his or her soul, so let us pray for her.

  11. Tina in Ashburn says:

    I admire this line of questioning too. I pray that, even if many choose not to understand, including perhaps the Speaker herself, that others’ hearts will be opened to this hypocrisy. [We do NOT know for certain that Pelosi has NOT been instructed by our clergy/hierarchy BTW]

    How long until Pelosi and her ilk decide to pronounce that Jesus didn’t have the right to life?

    Murderous abortion is the tip of the iceberg – humanity denies life, even simple existance, to millions more by using contraception.

    Purity of heart in all things!

  12. AnAmericanMother says:

    If the clergy have instructed Ms. Pelosi and she continues to ignore them, her bishop(s) may have to unload on her a la the bishop of Rhode Island on Kennedy.

    At some point it becomes a public scandal. I personally think we passed that point some time ago.

  13. Jerry says:

    Note to Fr. Z — it appears you’re missing a /b tag or equivalent in your text. Everything that follows this post appears in bold font.

  14. Jack Hughes says:

    oh nancy on nancy oh what have you done?

    you’re killing off children you think its such fun,

    but when at judgement, you meet your maker Divine

    their souls shall accuse thee oh heretic prime

  15. Random Friar says:

    Much has been given her, in her role as Speaker and representative of the people, so much will be asked of her when she meets her Judge.

    So in your charity, pray for her, asking good St. Thomas More’s intercession, that her heart may be softened toward the most vulnerable.

    To be your charity once more, pray also for us clergy and religious, those charged with the teaching and preaching office. We have allowed much damage to be done by not proclaiming the Truth as we should. The damage is not easily undone.

  16. Anonymous Seminarian says:

    What will it take, at this point, for her public and formal excommunication? Animal sacrifice to a pagan god? Formal submission to the will of “Allah”? What more can she possibly do?

  17. JohnE says:

    I think Nancy should’ve just said “word” because as she said earlier it’s such a wonderful word and it means whatever you want it to mean.
    Or as Cameo sang:
    “Word up, it’s the code word,
    No matter where you say it,
    You’ll know that you’ll be heard. ”

    Whatever that means.

  18. Ingatius says:

    I’d blogged about this myself, and now I see you’ve beaten me to it, Father! You’re right, though. Pure and utter hypocrisy.

  19. Fr. W says:

    Only speak about it ‘in Church?’!! She started this whole thing by speaking about ‘The Word’ in public, NOT in church. Well, which is it? She can speak in public, but we must speak in church?

  20. New Sister says:

    Can C-Span be there?

    Her “in church” comment aligns with something I heard on EWTN – a commentator told Raymond Arroyo that the Obama Administration has insidiously begun to use the language “freedom of worship” in lieu of “freedom of religion”, meaning, one has the right to lock themselves up in a building on Sunday and believe what they want, but not to exercise their beliefs in public life (e.g., emergency rooms, psychology, pharmacies, etc.).

  21. gambletrainman says:

    What do you want to bet, that when her time comes to depart from this world, she will be given a big send-off like Kennedy? I shudder to think of the day.

  22. Supertradmum says:

    New Sister,

    See my comment above.

  23. robtbrown says:

    What do you want to bet, that when her time comes to depart from this world, she will be given a big send-off like Kennedy? I shudder to think of the day.
    Comment by gambletrainman

    Money talks. As an Angelicum prof once said to me when I told him about Ted Kennedy: There is no wall so high that a golden ass cannot jump over it.

  24. Jack Hughes says:

    boy will the situation be interesting for the likes of the Fathers of Mercy and the Jesuits (the good ones) in the next 10yrs.

  25. EXCHIEF says:

    Unless and until the Bishops who have the ability to do something about Pelosi muster up the courage to do it we are all wasting a lot of our time preaching to the choir about the issue. Better to devote our efforts to defeating Pelosi and the many hundreds of her ilk who will be up for re-election very soon.

    The Bishops clearly have enough “ammunition” to do something. Many of us have written to those Bishops with well reasoned arguments as to why they should do something. They have elected not to which jeopardizes their souls and hers. The message to me from their silence is to forget about it and move onto something more productive—like defeating the evil ones currently if office before this once Judeo-Christian country is lost forever.

  26. Roland de Chanson says:

    Sinner that I am, it’s stercus bovinum like this that keeps me out of the novus ordo farce.

  27. wanda says:

    Yes, Father, there is no end to Nancy’s hypocrisy. She can’t even pretend to be Catholic very well anymore.

    The recent footage of her speaking at some type of Faith gathering in D.C. is pretty revealiing then. She was urging the clergy, pastors who were in attendance to preach from the pulpit on ‘social justice.’

    Apparently what’s good enough for Nancy isn’t good enough for us rubes.

  28. irishgirl says:

    I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi-whenever I hear her voice on the radio I turn down the volume.

    Why are her Bishop (s) so silent about bringing her to her senses?

    I hate to be in her place when she has to face the Divine Judge!

  29. worm says:

    Was she “in church” when she tried to cite St. Augustine in defense of her position on abortion?

    Just wondering.

  30. TJerome says:

    I think Nancy is also not very bright. She sounds like a ninny when she speaks

  31. PostCatholic says:

    Politicians since Henry VIII have been hypocritically taking cover in religion. Very few of them are genuine believers in anything.

  32. Supertradmum says:

    Elizabeth I of England, murderer of hundreds of priests, laymen and laywomen, had a Catholic priest as her private chaplain and attended Mass regularly. On her part, as I imagine on Pelosi’s, this was pure superstition, as of course, both are arch-heretics. At least Pelosi has not declared herself head of the Church in America, but I imagine someone will someday and further confuse the weak faithful. Any schism, which would endanger the souls of so many, will happen over the idea that to be an American Catholic, is somehow intrinsically different than belonging to the Universal Catholic Church.

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