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Does Speaker Pelosi’s hypocrisy have no limit?

Does the Speaker’s hypocrisy have no limit? From CNA: Speaker Pelosi avoids question about unborn Jesus’ right to life Washington D.C., Aug 5, 2010 / 06:10 am (CNA).- Citing her previous references to the Incarnation, a journalist recently asked legal … Read More

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Speaker Nancy “the theologian” Pelosi: public policy must conform to the Word made flesh

I am truly not making this up. Speaker Nancy "the theologian" Pelosi says, and this is on video, that public policy must conform to the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. From CNSNews.com comes this from the Speaker of the House … Read More

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Commonweal’s editor reacts to Archbp. Chaput’s Houston speech on JFK’s sellout

We knew liberals wouldn’t like Archbishop Chaput’s important speech in Houston. They never disappoint. The blog Mirror of Justice found a comment by Paul Baumann, the editor of the liberal leaning Commonweal, on Commonweal’s blog under an entry by Fr. … Read More

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