I am getting lots of questions and I just don’t have time or the energy, or often the expertise to answer them.

I am considering reviving the old ASK FATHER Question Box site.  When it wound down, due to a technical problem, it had well over 6000 questions and answers in different categories.

If I would consider doing such a thing again, I would need the help of priests (or bishops).  I would need a priests with training in scripture, canon law and moral theology in particular, as well as a sound grounding in dogma.  And did I mention liturgy? We would need men who know both Forms and I would be pleased to have a priest of an Eastern Catholic Church involved, for the sake of the Eastern Code and liturgy and traditions.  The Church has Eastern and Western lungs.

Should any priests (of bishops) be interested in participating in such a project, please let me know by email.

NB: Absolutely fidelity to the Church’s teachings is a must, along with a willingness to do a little work.

Have some Mystic Monk Coffee, Fathers, and think about it.

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