Chinese Family Planning Official Kills Man Over Forced Sterilization

A few days old, but this comes from Life News:

Chinese Family Planning Official Kills Man Over Forced Sterilization

by Steven Ertelt | Beijing, China | | 4/7/11 1:53 PM

Seeking to enforce the one-child policy that involves forced abortions and sterilizations for violators, a Chinese family planning official has been accused of killing a man after attempting to uphold the law.


On March 21, family planning officials entered the home of Xu Shuaishuai to seize his sister for a forced sterilization. Unable to find her, they beat Xu’s father and when Xu defended his father from the attack, one of the Chinese population control officials stabbed him twice in the heart with a long knife. Xu died on the way to the hospital.


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  1. Chuckles says:

    We need more family planning and sterilization in this world. There are too many starving people and ALL churches are entire TOO rich. WWJS? [The more immediate question is “What Would The Guy Who Runs This Blog Say?” He says that you are not here to discuss anything. Rather, you are here to be snotty. Therefore, you can’t post anymore. That is what he would say.]

  2. Konichiwa says:

    It is sad that that’s how the yellow star(s) on red flag government does things. It surprises me that some of my well educated cooworkers only recently learned that there are forced abortions and sterilizations going on in China through some of my lunch hour discussions.

    Call me crazy, but I suspect that the government consciously knows that their 1-child policy and male-preferred child culture will eventually aid the asian country in an evil manner to swallow up the weaker ethnics (e.g. Uighurs and Hmong ) and countries (e.g. Philipines, Cambodia, and most notably Vietnam).

  3. RichR says:

    They are shooting themselves in the foot with this one-child policy.

  4. EWTN Rocks says:

    This tragedy makes me feel so sick and angry that I’m at a loss for words. I’m going to pray now for Xu, his sister and father, and the people of China.

  5. MissOH says:

    So sad and I will also pray for Xu and his family.
    I have been concerned for years that the 1 child policy will lead to a nation of egocentric men who do not have enough women, and they will channel their energies and aggressions outside their current border and sphere of influence.

  6. Rob Cartusciello says:

    In twenty to thirty years China will experience a demographic shift that will make the aging crisis in the West look like a mild flutter. This is one of the reasons why they have worked so hard to get an economic advantage in the short, rather than the long, term.

  7. donantebello says:

    all I have to say is that because of the 2nd amendment, something like this will never take place in my rectory.

  8. tianzhujiao says:

    Our Lady of Sheshan pray for China.

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