If it is Easter…

Watch the main stream media for an uptick in stories, articles, and programs which aim at making the Catholic Church look bad.

Easter is coming and then the Beatification of John Paul II.  We will see…

  • Stories about priests who hurt kids.
  • Articles about rigid and backward bureaucrats want to impose an awkward translation without consultation of “the people”.
  • Pieces about women who feel called to the priesthood in spite of Vatican “policy” imposed by old men.

I suspect that editors have been sitting on stories, waiting to publish them at this time of the year.

Watch for the uptick.

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  1. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Let’s not forget Time Magazine asking whether Hell exists:


    Rob Bell & his Mars Hill Ministry prove the need for a Pope of Christian Unity (and ultimate guarantor of orthodoxy).

  2. irishgirl says:

    You’re darn right, Father Z! The media has its long knives out at this time of year, ready to attack the Church!
    And they’ll probably be out in force when John Paul II’s Beatification gets nearer!

  3. benedetta says:

    Also at this time of year you get the dramatic “new findings” of the “lost” or “secret”…whatever it is, “what archeologists now know”. Pick your media, tv, magazine, newspaper. Thus a channel purporting to be the “science” channel features a program on the “lost gospels”. It’s like my son says, “You know, Ancient Aliens (this is an actual show, is it on the History channel?) would be a lot more believable if it actually included details…” Alas that channel and national geographic are just about the only things apart from sports he does watch and something which sounds wholesome such as the history channel must absolutely be monitored and actively discussed to prevent actually investing belief in so much foolishness. A very wise Jesuit once warned me about the bigoted anti-Catholic trash they seem interested in showcasing right at the times of day children are likely to watch…

  4. Stuart James says:

    You are so right and it really is so very depressingly predictable and monotonous.

  5. asophist says:

    A couple of days ago, my own home-town newspaper (St. Paul Pioneer Press) had a scathing article attacking the new missal translations. It was disgusting.

  6. Andreas says:

    Your comment is sadly spot-on, Father Z….even here in the Tirol. There is one regional newspaper that I notice tends to seek out and print as a lead item every story critical of the Catholic Church that it can dredge up. Now, during Lent, the latest is a sordid tale of jealousy, a Priest and a theology student, and a hint at homosexuality…all of the ingredients to create or further reinforce anti-Catholic sentiments in those who read and choose to believe. I find myself at times despairing, not that such trash passes for news, but that so many otherwise intelligent souls use it and similar ‘reportage’ as reasons to leave The Church. Still, if their faith is so fragile, perhaps it is for the best.

  7. slater says:

    Just read the rag “America” and the “National cathylic Fishwrap” in the “cathylic” world if you want those stories.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    And don’t forget the “silence” of Ven. John Paul the Great when it came to the abuse of children by clergy, and his “good friend” the late great deceiver, Fr. Maciel. I have a feeling I will once again be writing a few letters to the editor of my local secular rag.

  9. BLB Oregon says:

    Anyone who wants the title of “scholar” in this age is expected to jump on any chance to play the devil’s advocate: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1949565,00.html. The only question is whether they take the role according to the idiomatic meaning or the literal one. Call someone a saint in our times, and the hounds will be off, trying to pick up the scent of blood.

  10. teaguytom says:

    Don’t forget the surge in “Decoding Jesus” shows on History, network television etc. They usually throw in, for good measure, a show on Moses being fake and not crossing the red sea and extra tablets as well. This is like a bi-annual cycle. Easter and Christmas are the usual seasons for attacking the church. Add to this what Fr Z spoke of, as well a the liberal biases when they report on Good Friday in Rome and the Holy Father’s Urbi et Orbi. This is usually when they will call him Panzer Pope and homophobe etc.

  11. Fr. Basil says:

    Don’t forget TV shows denying that Jesus rose from the dead.

    Simcha Jacobovici has already claimed to find two of the nails used at the Crucifixion of Jesus. But then he always has an agenda when talking about Christianity.

  12. torch621 says:

    don’t forget the garbage about Christianity being a copycat of pagan religions and THAR EES NO GAWD YOU STOOPID MORONS crap the infidels put out every year at this time.

  13. Agnes of Prague says:

    Nanni Moretti, a current Italian director who is pretty well-known for Italian film, is putting out a movie about a Holy Father who sees a shrink. The first things I heard were that it might be a bit sarcastic but the reviews I’m seeing now say it’s pretty gentle. Maybe it will actually be enjoyable. “Habemus Papam” is the Italian-release title but it will be released for the English-language market as “We Have a Pope.”

  14. PostCatholic says:

    Isn’t that the same stuff they’ve been publishing all year? What makes you think they’re holding back for Easter? Your red pen has been busy on articles on those topics even very recently.

  15. Kerry says:

    “And which of you, if he ask his father bread, will he give him a stone? or a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?” Or pennicillin, latex?

  16. Kerry says:

    Oops. Above comment belongs in preceding post.

  17. puma19 says:

    And I just read an interview from the ABC in Australia where the auxiliary bishop of Canberra archdiocese, +Power, said that most Catholics belived it was time for the Church to look at having women priests. What planet is this man on? Is it any wonder that he has never been promoted to any See of his own in 20+ years as a bishop and is now considering retiring when he reaches 70 next year.
    I have never ever heard a single Catholic say they want or demand women priests. Never in any of the 73 countries I have been in and especially any European state. Many ask why not married priests (we did have them for 8 centuries). None have ever asked for married bishops.
    So I am stunned that +Power would mention this matter on public radio. Who is he talking to and where does he do his surveys for such ‘evidence’ or need? This is where some bishops are just not living in the real world.
    There is no theological basis for women priests and there is no demand for such in the Church. Even if some German / Dutch and American women feel the need for the chasuble, it is way off the Gospel tangent.

  18. benedetta says:

    The overall trend of msm that brings out all the anti-Christian premised shows and articles around Easter notwithstanding, I thought this sounded interesting:


  19. AnAmericanMother says:

    I have a question: do I take the fight to these people when I meet them?

    Or am I sinning against charity and humility if I do?

  20. Charles E Flynn says:

    On the page at:


    search for


    I have not been able to get the suggested syntax for embedding URLs to work, at least according to the Preview results.

  21. chris1 says:

    You totally called it, Fr Z. Just saw a tease on WSB-TV channel 2 in Atlanta, for a story they’ll run on their 5pm news on Monday. “You’re about to witness a ritual so controversial, most Catholics won’t even talk about it…” then a face of sister Mary Pantsuit, “we’re just as Catholic as the Pope!” … “Channel 2 investigates, Monday at 5.”

    It would be cool if our good Bishop would put out a memo to the priests of the diocese, asking them to notify the faithful tomorrow about the upcoming story so we could bombard the station with email and phone calls, encouraging them not to give face time to these fake Catholics. But that won’t happen.

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