No frills Easter Wednesday vespers from the older book, Brevarium Romanum

For the weary brethren.

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  1. greasemonkey says:

    Would someone help me out?

    After the Octave, the breviary gives the 3 Alleluias as the antiphons for Vespers. My rubrics state, “Under which antiphon alone, namely Alleluia, all the Psalms are said….”.
    Does this mean that one recites Alleluia 3 times before the 1st Psalm, recite the Gloria Patri after each Psalm as usual, and recite 3 Alleluias after the 5th Psalm? OR use the 3 Alleluias before and after each Psalm as usual in such a way that between the 1st and 2nd /3rd and 4th, one is reciting Alleluia 6 times?

  2. Danny says:

    Hey greasemonkey,

    AFTER the Octave, on feria days, your first guess is right. Alleluia x 3 before 1st psalm, glory be between each psalm and alleluia x 3 after last psalm. Right now, though, in the octave, you are still using the Easter psalms from lauds for lauds and vespers.


  3. greasemonkey says:

    That’s what I thought. Thank you for your help!

  4. Danny says:

    One more thing,
    check out He has the breviary online for all the different versions, however, Matins readings don’t always match what is in my breviary. I thought I had it all down but Easter always throws me off too.

  5. greasemonkey says:

    That website is the Office before the reforms of John XXIII. There are elements that aren’t part of the 1962 rite. Anyhow, Matins remains unchartered waters for me. I really don’t “get it” yet.

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