Office of Readings for Bl. John Paul II available

The Latin texts of the Office for Bl. John Paul II for the Liturgia Horarum are now posted on the Vatican website.



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  1. Gregory DiPippo says:

    I anxiously await the publication of a proper hymn (to be composed by a committee of the cleverest disciples of Anselmo Lentini), and the proper Gregorian notation for the responsory.

  2. Henry Edwards says:

    I might take the liberty of adding that Dom. Anselmo Lentini headed the committee that revised the hymns for the 1970 Liturgia Horarum. Which fact I myself learned only when I read Mr. DiPippo’s erudite NLM article on the evolution hymns in the Roman Breviary.

  3. Gregory DiPippo says:

    Nimis honorati sunt amici tui!

  4. Rellis says:

    For those wanting to incorporate these propers into their devotional practice of the older Divine Office:

    1. The rank is simple (III class in the 1960 rubrics)

    2. The common is from Confessors, Bishops.

    3. At Lauds and Vespers, the collect is proper. The rest (besides the psalm, antiphons, and versicle, which come from the feria) come from the common.

    4. At Matins, the psalms, etc. are from the feria. The rest is from the common. There is one nocturn of three lessons. The first lesson is the first daily Scriptural readings with the responsory. The second lesson is the second and third Scriptural readings with the responsory. The third lesson is the proper biography and Office of Lessons (followed by the Te Deum).

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