QUAERITUR: Do you/why don’t you take ads?

adsI have had questions from several readers in the last week, and two today, asking if I am willing to take advertisements or, on the other hand, why I don’t do advertisements.

The answer is: I think about it and then I don’t, and then I think about it again.

However, when I have thought about it, have done some investigations about what people charge for ads.  Then I think about it.

Then I see that the website of the Vicariato di Roma (the Diocese of Rome) has ads, and they are even all for churchy companies.  Egeria is a popular bottled water in the area of Rome.

Parish bulletins have ads on the back for businesses which have nothing to do with the church.

So, I am not entirely entirely closed to the idea.  And I like helping Catholic concerns such as Mystic Monk and sisters who make soap and good books, etc.

Furthermore, when I consider how high my traffic is, ads would probably be very useful to the client.  I would probably ask for a reasonable CPM.

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