Faith Magazine – a great resource!

Do you know about Faith magazine?

Faith is assembled and published as an actual magazine in England.  It is also offered entirely for free online.  Online you get the whole thing, not just selected articles.

Faith, the magazine, is associated with the “Faith Movement“.

Most of you readers will know automatically that if my friend Fr. Tim Finigan (see his blog The Hermeneutic of Continuity) is involved with Faith then it is more than likely not only theologically trustworthy, but also exceedingly useful.

You can look at and download back issues HERE.

Catholic publications are struggling to stay afloat.  Consider a subscription to a hard copy.  (They need to make that subscription link more apparent.) Yes, you can get the whole thing for free, but if they don’t have some cash flow, it will become harder and harder to provide it online.  Support the good Catholic publications.  I think we can argue that supporting sound Catholic publications, and blogs, is a spiritual work of mercy.  Many people benefit when we pool our resources and small gestures can accomplish large things.

In this Year of Faith subscribe to Faith.


People are saying that it is a little clunky to use the subscription feature.  Be patient.

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  1. Robert of Rome says:

    Subscribed. Thanks for the information, Father.

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