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Yet another attempt by homosexuals to whip up negative press to force the Church to conform

In more Rhode Island news, I read at Life News that Fr. Brian Sistare, who recently sent out a challenge to RI Catholic lawmakers (HERE) has now told a same-sex “married” couple of men that they cannot receive Holy Communion. Fr. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Of the color of wine, the amount, and the addition of water

From a reader: First off is the wine to be consecrated have to be red and how much wine poured into the chalice is enough to make it a valid mass? One of my priests told us if they don’t … Read More

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An American Bishop switches political parties

Rev. Mr. Kandra, at his blog Deacon’s Bench, has an entry about His Excellency Most. Rev. Thomas Tobin, Bishop of Providence. Bp. Tobin has announced a switch of his political party.  He has left the Democrats and has registered as … Read More

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REVIEW: Great book of documentary evidence about the Pontificate of Ven. Pius XII

I just received in the mail a copy of the 3rd edition of POPE PIUS XII AND WORLD WAR II: THE DOCUMENTED TRUTH : A Compilation of International Evidence Revealing the Wartime Acts of the Vatican.  (UK link HERE) Wow.  Useful … Read More

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Another bishop restricts eulogies

Sermons for the older form, Extraordinary Form, Requiem Mass are to be pronounced only with the permission of the local bishop and are to be delivered after Mass concludes, while wearing no vestments. There is a lot of wisdom in … Read More

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Washington DC bans Christian musician because God “delivered” him from homosexuality.

My friend Msgr. Charles Pope has a piece on his blog on the site of the Archdiocese of Washington DC.  It merits some attention.  Here are a few tastes with my emphases: District of Columbia Cancels Appearance of Gospel Artist … Read More

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VIDEO: Sisters react to the election of Pope Francis

This is worth your time.  The Domincan Sister of Mary Mother of the Eucharist react to the election of Pope Francis.   It seems that they had a film crew there while they were working on the production of their … Read More

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