Washington DC bans Christian musician because God “delivered” him from homosexuality.

My friend Msgr. Charles Pope has a piece on his blog on the site of the Archdiocese of Washington DC.  It merits some attention.  Here are a few tastes with my emphases:

District of Columbia Cancels Appearance of Gospel Artist due to Views on Homosexuality. Who Will be Next?
By: Msgr. Charles Pope

Homosexual activists and advocates often state that they merely want recognition and certain legal rights, and that churches and other objectors to their life style remain free to have their opinions and state them in a free culture. And any expressed fears regarding compulsory recognition or punitive measures directed against objectors are dismissed as fear mongering.

Never mind that these fears are based in real experiences in Canada and Europe where clergy have been arrested and fined for presenting the biblical case against homosexuality in the pulpits of their own churches or the pages of their bulletins.

In the end we who raise alarms about the increasingly strident declaration of our objections as “hate speech” and as “human rights violations” remain concerned about legal punishment etc., despite “reassurances” from pro-homosexual advocates and government officials.

Today there is more confirmation about the price that is paid by those who object to the cultural juggernaut that activism is becoming. Gospel Artist Donnie McClurkin has had his appearance canceled by the Mayor’s Office here in DC due to his views on homosexuality. Here is the clip from a local Station, Fox 5 News:


Well of course there are now those in the ascendency among the cultural elites who will not permit even one scintilla of objection to homosexual behavior. And those who do so must be marginalized and excluded. No dissent from the new dogma of the elites is to be permitted. Dissent must be punished severely and swiftly.  [It is a campaign of intimidation and, simultaneously, of propaganda.]

I use words like “dogma” and “dissent” intentionally, since those who like to denounce religious rules and dogma and raise all sorts of objections to past “excesses” of excommunication and inquisition (limited those these were), have now adopted their own fervor for their new anti-religion. And many are far more dogmatic, punitive and excluding than any religious group of recent memory. If you object to the new cultural agenda, you have to go. You must be excluded as dangerous and evil.


You must be excluded as dangerous and evil.

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  1. Yet another confirmation of Neuhaus’ Law: Where orthodoxy is optional it will sooner or later be proscribed.

    Keith Töpfer

  2. StJude says:

    WOW. sadly.. this is just the tip of the iceberg I fear. There will be no dissent, comrades.
    Its all gay all the time these days.

  3. Palladio says:

    But at least Msgr. is speaking out. I don’t know how often that exercise of free speech, right reason, and true faith takes place. It cannot, in my opinion, take place too often. Statism, to fascism, to… The country drifts into more and more dangerous waters. If we have to go down, let’s make no secret of it.

  4. Martlet says:

    I had just finished writing about this very thing on my own blog, took a deep breath, posted it, made myself a cup of tea and came to read here. I can’t tell you how glad I am to see your comments to this, Fr. Z. I’ve never been a homophobe. I’m surprised I can even spell it! But like many of us, I am becoming alarmed by what I am seeing as blatant attempts to silence all opposition. I am even more alarmed at the number of Catholics who think that those who stay faithful to Christ’s teachings are “bigots.” We are all going to need a lot of courage going forward, but I am sure – 100% sure – that the Lord will provide that courage as and when we need it.

  5. yatzer says:

    I am hoping and begging for that courage as I have many natural wuss tendencies.

  6. AvantiBev says:

    “No dissent from the new dogma of the elites is to be permitted. Dissent must be punished severely and swiftly. ”
    Reminds me of what Mr. Robert Spencer of jihadwatch.org experiences from both governments (U.K. ban) and some of our Church brethren (Bishop of Worcester caving to Islamists). You must not cry “fire” even when the flames are licking your toes and smoke clogging your throat!

  7. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Well of course there are now those in the ascendency among the cultural elites…”

    Okay, I have to ask: who are these people called, “the cultural elite,” and exactly what makes them so elite? I mean, I know more about music, which is a part of culture, than 99.9% of the population, so, don’t I get to be included in the cultural elite?? Did I miss the meeting? I have an orthodox Catholic friend who is a gifted artist, so, shouldn’t she be one of the cultural elite? Really, just who are these cultural elite?

    I suppose they are busybody rich people with too much time on their hands or people who think they are guardians of culture, without actually understanding what culture is or how to guard it, like most English professors. Are they, really petty wannabe despots with too much time on their hands? Ultimately, I come back to the conclusion that whatever they are, they aren’t poor, either in worldly terms or in spirit. The purpose of an elite is to elevate the status of peoples and cultures. In this case, the “elite,” are as base and, shall I say, as common as they come, since there is no way that they can argue that homosexual rights elevates anything, except the selfish intentions of those whose focus is on things here, below.

    The Chicken

  8. APX says:

    This reminds me of when I was a kid and Marilyn Manson was banned from doing concerts in many cities because his music was considered dangerous. I bet now he’s revered as a role model now.

    Good news for Canada. A month ago the section in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms regarding hate speech was repealed. This means no more human rights tribunals, and hate speech is left in the hands of Attourney General and criminal law.

  9. Gregorius says:

    Justice Scalia said it best: we are being branded “Hostes humani generis” for our views…

  10. RobW says:

    How tolerant of them.

  11. Ben Kenobi says:

    Enemies of the human race? We’ve been called worse by better. Thanks again Father Z. Please continue the clarion call.

  12. Johnno says:

    Everyone ought to keep all this in mind the next time they hear the baa-baa-black-sheeps amongst us braying about how Russia is such a terrible country for attacking the free speech rights of homosexual activists.

    The Chicken –

    The Cultural Elites are basically those in a position to influence culture – those who guide education, marketing, advertisement, government policy etc. The key component being money, the control and creation of money backed by arms and force.

    The reason many try to push forward homosexuality is in reality to further enforce to themselves that their own sexual degeneracy isn’t wrong. The only ones supportive of homosexuality are those heterosexuals who themselves want to wallow in their own sexual sins, and for whom homosexuals are a nice scapegoat for if things go wrong, they might cushion themselves by pointing to them and declaring they were not as depraved as that.

    The homosexual agenda is also useful for elites who wish to gain more power. It convinces the people to give them the power to set precedents by enforcing words. By being a useful excuse to eliminate religion and place the state naturally in place of God. And finally it is always a useful issue to trot out to keep the people divided and under the delusion that they actually have a democracy and a choice between two opposing parties when in reality it is just an illusion that there are two parties and the people are only fighting over whose face they want to put on the cover for the next few years. The agenda incrementally goes on.

    In truth it all goes further up the ladder to Satan himself who wishes to see humanity put an end to itself, by cutting off further human life from being born into ‘his world’ and by separating men from God. If he can’t beat God, then he’s content to do the next best thing. Destroy and eternally separate Him from those disgusting material beings He loves so much.

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