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QUAERITUR: Woman training altar servers stands in as priest. Sacrilege?

From a reader: My parish priest recently asked an older (semi-retired) female altar server (former MC & Sacristan) from another parish to train our altar servers for enrolment into the Guild of St Stephen (http://www.guildofststephen.org/). First of all she discourages genuflecting (as it … Read More

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Dismissal of publicly immoral Church employees

This story caught my eye because of the name of the place involved.  When I see this name I always think of Daffy Duck. From the San Bernardino Sun: A Rancho Cucamonga man who taught 17 years at a Catholic … Read More

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What’s red, flutters a little, and is carried in an entrance procession?

What’s red, flutters a little, and is carried in an entrance procession? Yes, the elevated image of your patronal red fish god. Someone sent me a link to a video of the entrance procession for the Mass at the Basilica … Read More

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Real Barber Shop!

It’s such a pleasure to be at a REAL barber shop. Behold, my old shop in St Paul, Grandview Barber Shop. I’ve been coming here (when in St Paul) for over 30 years! Many priests and seminarians come here.

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A tactic

We are starting to see more often now the heterodox attack orthodox defenses of Catholic doctrine as “turning against the poor”. In the combox here, under a post about Bp. Morlino, someone tried to slither in a snarky implication that … Read More

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