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RI: Priest tells pols that he will inform parishioners about their immoral votes on legislation

The culture wars are getting hotter.  “Social issues” will remain key issues in the next couple election cycles in these USA, which will probably cause a couple train-wrecks for Catholics and for libertarians… and even for Catholic Tea Party members. … Read More

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What is right and what is wrong with the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?”

In another post today I asked a question about a blasphemous car sticker involving a variation of the abbreviation WWJD, which we all know is supposed to mean “What Would Jesus Do?” In my experience, WWJD is tossed about by … Read More

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UK Vicarette with obscene car sticker involving the Lord’s Name

Can I get your take on this one? I am not going to include images.  They would just invite comments all by themselves. Keep in mind that the “blech factor” is going to be pretty high in this article. From … Read More

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