Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there agood point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass?

Let us know!

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  1. Mike says:

    Our encounter with Christ gives us a lasting awareness of the eternal, even as we must come down the mountain to the passing things of everyday life.

  2. Del says:

    We heard Mass with Fr. Rick, in our church with the newly restored altar rail.

    He gave a great historical catechesis on how communion-in-the-hand came about (by disobedience and sneaky tricks, surprise to say), in spite of careful controls that Pope Paul VI put into place to avoid abuses.

    He shared reports of abuses of the Eucharist, and even satanic sacrileges and murder. Researched, reported, and brought to light.

    Then he gave us a great catechesis on reverence for the Eucharist, norms of receiving, and practical advice on how to use the altar rail to deepen our own reverence for the Eucharist.

    A very fitting sermon for the reading of the Transfiguration, as the Holy Spirit provided for us!

  3. mikeinmo says:

    Our priest makes his sermons easily understood by weaving a real life story into the Gospel message. He spoke of a diver named Gorman who unwisely ventured out on his own, rather than with his normal group. He suffered stomach cramps, and began to sink. Ultimately, he was rescued by a dolphin. God’s presence was there in the rescue. The Gospel message was about the Transfiguration. God was also present there, providing a glimpse of the next life.

    Father has been with us since last June, and is cleaning up a number of “poor decisions” left by his now retired predecessor. Father is very orthodox and humble, Masses are reverent, and he deals with the messes he has inherited “head on”. He is a leader, who can make decisions.

    Our most recent bulletin contained the following:

    Have we forgotten? The Blessed Sacrament is always reserved in the tabernacle in the Church. In the months since I have been here, I have noticedthat people like to talk and visit in Church and in the sacristy before, during and after Mass. Could you please go outside the Church for talking. We have a number of people who like to pray before, during and after Mass, but can’t do that because of the talking. Please respect the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle and your parishoners’ feelings.

    Brick by brick…………….

  4. LoriM says:

    Our priest spoke about St. Patrick’s connection to the Transfiguration in the form of Celtic spirituality. Christ is transfigured in all of reality.

  5. The Bishop yesterday gave a sermon on Judas Iscariot vs. St Peter. Judas did not seek forgiveness, and Peter did. It was a very interesting sermon and gave some different schools of thought on the kiss of Judas,

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